Go package to access the MusicBrainz Web Service v2
Added documentation for the main model structs
Basic test case for Artist JSON unmarshaling
Fixed PartialDate unmarshalling of two digit month and day



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#Go MusicBrainz Web Service 2

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Go package to access the MusicBrainz API.


See the API documentation for details.


The source code for go-musicbrainzws2 is available on SourceHut.

Please report any issues on the issue tracker.

Patches can be submitted to the mailing list. You can clone the repository directly on SourceHut and submit your changes with the "Prepare patchset" button. Please see SourceHut's documentation for sending patches upstream for details.


go-musicbrainzws2 Copyright © 2024 Philipp Wolfer phw@uploadedlobster.com

Licensed under the conditions of the MIT license.

See COPYING for details.