README: Link to MB community discussion thread
Update translation project URL
Remove ListenBrainz onebox implementation

The feature never worked as intended. Yet it duplicates a lot
of functionality and needed extra maintenance and testing whenever
styling got changed.
Use MetaBrainz weblate instance
859dde14 — Philipp Wolfer 5 months ago
Translated using Weblate (German)

Currently translated at 100.0% (15 of 15 strings)

Co-authored-by: Philipp Wolfer <ph.wolfer@gmail.com>
Translate-URL: https://translations.metabrainz.org/projects/discourse-listenbrainz/client/de/
Translate-URL: https://translations.metabrainz.org/projects/discourse-listenbrainz/server/de/
Translation: Discourse ListenBrainz/client
Translation: Discourse ListenBrainz/server
Update README to document pinned recording display option
Release 0.13.2
In mobile view add some margin after the listen card in user profile view

This adds some visual spacing between the cards and the "collapse" button.
Minor layout tweaks for pinned recording view

- Less prominent separator between main context and
  blurb text box.
- No rounded lower left corner for cover placeholder
- Italic text for blurb quote
Truncate the displayed pin blurb after 280 characters

This is the maximum allowed by the LB UI. This makes sure
and overly long blurb does not break the layout. The full
blurb is available as title attribute tooltip.

Gives a short introduction in setting up the Discourse
development environment for the plugin.
Tweak display of cover art for pinned recording with blurb text shown

As the content continues below remove the lower left rounded corner
of the cover art image.
Fixed acceptance tests and added tests for pinned recording
Fix profile cover collage not showing
Make showing the pinned recording an option of the listen card

Simplifies both the code and the user configuration, with a clear way
to configure the profile fallback.
Pinned recording card

Implements #7
Load artist and release info for playing-now

This gives direct access to caa_release_mbid and full artist credits list like for regular listens