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- **Fallback to larger time range if there are no listens in the selected range**: If enabled, the profile statistics view will automatically fall back to a larger time range if you had no listens in the selected time range. E.g. if you have selected "This week" but have no listens recorded in the current week then the statistics will fall back to show "This month". Default: enabled.

- **Show pinned recording instead of recent listen, if available**: If you have pinned a recording on ListenBrainz enabling this option will cause the listen card to show the pin instead of the most recent listen. This will also show the blurb you entered when pinning the recording. If you have no pin it will fall back to show the most recent listen.

- **Show recent listen not older than**: Do not show the user's last played track if it is older than the given time. Default: 24 hours.