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                       Version 3, 19 November 2007

 Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. <https://fsf.org/>
 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
 of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.


  The GNU Affero General Public License is a free, copyleft license for
software and other kinds of works, specifically designed to ensure
cooperation with the community in the case of network server software.

  The licenses for most software and other practical works are designed
to take away your freedom to share and change the works.  By contrast,
our General Public Licenses are intended to guarantee your freedom to
share and change all versions of a program--to make sure it remains free
software for all its users.

  When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not
price.  Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you
have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for
them if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it if you
want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in new
free programs, and that you know you can do these things.

  Developers that use our General Public Licenses protect your rights
with two steps: (1) assert copyright on the software, and (2) offer
you this License which gives you legal permission to copy, distribute
and/or modify the software.

  A secondary benefit of defending all users' freedom is that
improvements made in alternate versions of the program, if they
receive widespread use, become available for other developers to
incorporate.  Many developers of free software are heartened and
encouraged by the resulting cooperation.  However, in the case of
software used on network servers, this result may fail to come about.
The GNU General Public License permits making a modified version and
letting the public access it on a server without ever releasing its
source code to the public.

  The GNU Affero General Public License is designed specifically to
ensure that, in such cases, the modified source code becomes available
to the community.  It requires the operator of a network server to
provide the source code of the modified version running there to the
users of that server.  Therefore, public use of a modified version, on
a publicly accessible server, gives the public access to the source
code of the modified version.

  An older license, called the Affero General Public License and
published by Affero, was designed to accomplish similar goals.  This is
a different license, not a version of the Affero GPL, but Affero has
released a new version of the Affero GPL which permits relicensing under
this license.

  The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and
modification follow.

                       TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  0. Definitions.

  "This License" refers to version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License.

  "Copyright" also means copyright-like laws that apply to other kinds of
works, such as semiconductor masks.

  "The Program" refers to any copyrightable work licensed under this
License.  Each licensee is addressed as "you".  "Licensees" and
"recipients" may be individuals or organizations.

  To "modify" a work means to copy from or adapt all or part of the work
in a fashion requiring copyright permission, other than the making of an
exact copy.  The resulting work is called a "modified version" of the
earlier work or a work "based on" the earlier work.

  A "covered work" means either the unmodified Program or a work based
on the Program.

  To "propagate" a work means to do anything with it that, without
permission, would make you directly or secondarily liable for
infringement under applicable copyright law, except executing it on a
computer or modifying a private copy.  Propagation includes copying,
distribution (with or without modification), making available to the
public, and in some countries other activities as well.

  To "convey" a work means any kind of propagation that enables other
parties to make or receive copies.  Mere interaction with a user through
a computer network, with no transfer of a copy, is not conveying.

  An interactive user interface displays "Appropriate Legal Notices"
to the extent that it includes a convenient and prominently visible
feature that (1) displays an appropriate copyright notice, and (2)
tells the user that there is no warranty for the work (except to the
extent that warranties are provided), that licensees may convey the
work under this License, and how to view a copy of this License.  If
the interface presents a list of user commands or options, such as a
menu, a prominent item in the list meets this criterion.

  1. Source Code.

  The "source code" for a work means the preferred form of the work
for making modifications to it.  "Object code" means any non-source
form of a work.

  A "Standard Interface" means an interface that either is an official
standard defined by a recognized standards body, or, in the case of
interfaces specified for a particular programming language, one that
is widely used among developers working in that language.

  The "System Libraries" of an executable work include anything, other
than the work as a whole, that (a) is included in the normal form of
packaging a Major Component, but which is not part of that Major
Component, and (b) serves only to enable use of the work with that
Major Component, or to implement a Standard Interface for which an
implementation is available to the public in source code form.  A
"Major Component", in this context, means a major essential component
(kernel, window system, and so on) of the specific operating system
(if any) on which the executable work runs, or a compiler used to
produce the work, or an object code interpreter used to run it.

  The "Corresponding Source" for a work in object code form means all
the source code needed to generate, install, and (for an executable
work) run the object code and to modify the work, including scripts to
control those activities.  However, it does not include the work's
System Libraries, or general-purpose tools or generally available free
programs which are used unmodified in performing those activities but
which are not part of the work.  For example, Corresponding Source
includes interface definition files associated with source files for
the work, and the source code for shared libraries and dynamically
linked subprograms that the work is specifically designed to require,
such as by intimate data communication or control flow between those
subprograms and other parts of the work.

  The Corresponding Source need not include anything that users
can regenerate automatically from other parts of the Corresponding

  The Corresponding Source for a work in source code form is that
same work.

  2. Basic Permissions.

  All rights granted under this License are granted for the term of
copyright on the Program, and are irrevocable provided the stated
conditions are met.  This License explicitly affirms your unlimited
permission to run the unmodified Program.  The output from running a
covered work is covered by this License only if the output, given its
content, constitutes a covered work.  This License acknowledges your
rights of fair use or other equivalent, as provided by copyright law.

  You may make, run and propagate covered works that you do not
convey, without conditions so long as your license otherwise remains
in force.  You may convey covered works to others for the sole purpose
of having them make modifications exclusively for you, or provide you
with facilities for running those works, provided that you comply with
the terms of this License in conveying all material for which you do
not control copyright.  Those thus making or running the covered works
for you must do so exclusively on your behalf, under your direction
and control, on terms that prohibit them from making any copies of
your copyrighted material outside their relationship with you.

  Conveying under any other circumstances is permitted solely under
the conditions stated below.  Sublicensing is not allowed; section 10
makes it unnecessary.

  3. Protecting Users' Legal Rights From Anti-Circumvention Law.

  No covered work shall be deemed part of an effective technological
measure under any applicable law fulfilling obligations under article
11 of the WIPO copyright treaty adopted on 20 December 1996, or
similar laws prohibiting or restricting circumvention of such

  When you convey a covered work, you waive any legal power to forbid
circumvention of technological measures to the extent such circumvention
is effected by exercising rights under this License with respect to
the covered work, and you disclaim any intention to limit operation or
modification of the work as a means of enforcing, against the work's
users, your or third parties' legal rights to forbid circumvention of
technological measures.

  4. Conveying Verbatim Copies.

  You may convey verbatim copies of the Program's source code as you
receive it, in any medium, provided that you conspicuously and
appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice;
keep intact all notices stating that this License and any
non-permissive terms added in accord with section 7 apply to the code;
keep intact all notices of the absence of any warranty; and give all
recipients a copy of this License along with the Program.

  You may charge any price or no price for each copy that you convey,
and you may offer support or warranty protection for a fee.

  5. Conveying Modified Source Versions.

  You may convey a work based on the Program, or the modifications to
produce it from the Program, in the form of source code under the
terms of section 4, provided that you also meet all of these conditions:

    a) The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified
    it, and giving a relevant date.

    b) The work must carry prominent notices stating that it is
    released under this License and any conditions added under section
    7.  This requirement modifies the requirement in section 4 to
    "keep intact all notices".

    c) You must license the entire work, as a whole, under this
    License to anyone who comes into possession of a copy.  This
    License will therefore apply, along with any applicable section 7
    additional terms, to the whole of the work, and all its parts,
    regardless of how they are packaged.  This License gives no
    permission to license the work in any other way, but it does not
    invalidate such permission if you have separately received it.

    d) If the work has interactive user interfaces, each must display
    Appropriate Legal Notices; however, if the Program has interactive
    interfaces that do not display Appropriate Legal Notices, your
    work need not make them do so.

  A compilation of a covered work with other separate and independent
works, which are not by their nature extensions of the covered work,
and which are not combined with it such as to form a larger program,
in or on a volume of a storage or distribution medium, is called an
"aggregate" if the compilation and its resulting copyright are not
used to limit the access or legal rights of the compilation's users
beyond what the individual works permit.  Inclusion of a covered work
in an aggregate does not cause this License to apply to the other
parts of the aggregate.

  6. Conveying Non-Source Forms.

  You may convey a covered work in object code form under the terms
of sections 4 and 5, provided that you also convey the
machine-readable Corresponding Source under the terms of this License,
in one of these ways:

    a) Convey the object code in, or embodied in, a physical product
    (including a physical distribution medium), accompanied by the
    Corresponding Source fixed on a durable physical medium
    customarily used for software interchange.

    b) Convey the object code in, or embodied in, a physical product
    (including a physical distribution medium), accompanied by a
    written offer, valid for at least three years and valid for as
    long as you offer spare parts or customer support for that product
    model, to give anyone who possesses the object code either (1) a
    copy of the Corresponding Source for all the software in the
    product that is covered by this License, on a durable physical
    medium customarily used for software interchange, for a price no
    more than your reasonable cost of physically performing this
    conveying of source, or (2) access to copy the
    Corresponding Source from a network server at no charge.

    c) Convey individual copies of the object code with a copy of the
    written offer to provide the Corresponding Source.  This
    alternative is allowed only occasionally and noncommercially, and
    only if you received the object code with such an offer, in accord
    with subsection 6b.

    d) Convey the object code by offering access from a designated
    place (gratis or for a charge), and offer equivalent access to the
    Corresponding Source in the same way through the same place at no
    further charge.  You need not require recipients to copy the
    Corresponding Source along with the object code.  If the place to
    copy the object code is a network server, the Corresponding Source
    may be on a different server (operated by you or a third party)
    that supports equivalent copying facilities, provided you maintain
    clear directions next to the object code saying where to find the
    Corresponding Source.  Regardless of what server hosts the
    Corresponding Source, you remain obligated to ensure that it is
    available for as long as needed to satisfy these requirements.

    e) Convey the object code using peer-to-peer transmission, provided
    you inform other peers where the object code and Corresponding
    Source of the work are being offered to the general public at no
    charge under subsection 6d.

  A separable portion of the object code, whose source code is excluded
from the Corresponding Source as a System Library, need not be
included in conveying the object code work.

  A "User Product" is either (1) a "consumer product", which means any
tangible personal property which is normally used for personal, family,
or household purposes, or (2) anything designed or sold for incorporation
into a dwelling.  In determining whether a product is a consumer product,
doubtful cases shall be resolved in favor of coverage.  For a particular
product received by a particular user, "normally used" refers to a
typical or common use of that class of product, regardless of the status
of the particular user or of the way in which the particular user
actually uses, or expects or is expected to use, the product.  A product
is a consumer product regardless of whether the product has substantial
commercial, industrial or non-consumer uses, unless such uses represent
the only significant mode of use of the product.

  "Installation Information" for a User Product means any methods,
procedures, authorization keys, or other information required to install
and execute modified versions of a covered work in that User Product from
a modified version of its Corresponding Source.  The information must
suffice to ensure that the continued functioning of the modified object
code is in no case prevented or interfered with solely because
modification has been made.

  If you convey an object code work under this section in, or with, or
specifically for use in, a User Product, and the conveying occurs as
part of a transaction in which the right of possession and use of the
User Product is transferred to the recipient in perpetuity or for a
fixed term (regardless of how the transaction is characterized), the
Corresponding Source conveyed under this section must be accompanied
by the Installation Information.  But this requirement does not apply
if neither you nor any third party retains the ability to install
modified object code on the User Product (for example, the work has
been installed in ROM).

  The requirement to provide Installation Information does not include a
requirement to continue to provide support service, warranty, or updates
for a work that has been modified or installed by the recipient, or for
the User Product in which it has been modified or installed.  Access to a
network may be denied when the modification itself materially and
adversely affects the operation of the network or violates the rules and
protocols for communication across the network.

  Corresponding Source conveyed, and Installation Information provided,
in accord with this section must be in a format that is publicly
documented (and with an implementation available to the public in
source code form), and must require no special password or key for
unpacking, reading or copying.

  7. Additional Terms.

  "Additional permissions" are terms that supplement the terms of this
License by making exceptions from one or more of its conditions.
Additional permissions that are applicable to the entire Program shall
be treated as though they were included in this License, to the extent
that they are valid under applicable law.  If additional permissions
apply only to part of the Program, that part may be used separately
under those permissions, but the entire Program remains governed by
this License without regard to the additional permissions.

  When you convey a copy of a covered work, you may at your option
remove any additional permissions from that copy, or from any part of
it.  (Additional permissions may be written to require their own
removal in certain cases when you modify the work.)  You may place
additional permissions on material, added by you to a covered work,
for which you have or can give appropriate copyright permission.

  Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, for material you
add to a covered work, you may (if authorized by the copyright holders of
that material) supplement the terms of this License with terms:

    a) Disclaiming warranty or limiting liability differently from the
    terms of sections 15 and 16 of this License; or

    b) Requiring preservation of specified reasonable legal notices or
    author attributions in that material or in the Appropriate Legal
    Notices displayed by works containing it; or

    c) Prohibiting misrepresentation of the origin of that material, or
    requiring that modified versions of such material be marked in
    reasonable ways as different from the original version; or

    d) Limiting the use for publicity purposes of names of licensors or
    authors of the material; or

    e) Declining to grant rights under trademark law for use of some
    trade names, trademarks, or service marks; or

    f) Requiring indemnification of licensors and authors of that
    material by anyone who conveys the material (or modified versions of
    it) with contractual assumptions of liability to the recipient, for
    any liability that these contractual assumptions directly impose on
    those licensors and authors.

  All other non-permissive additional terms are considered "further
restrictions" within the meaning of section 10.  If the Program as you
received it, or any part of it, contains a notice stating that it is
governed by this License along with a term that is a further
restriction, you may remove that term.  If a license document contains
a further restriction but permits relicensing or conveying under this
License, you may add to a covered work material governed by the terms
of that license document, provided that the further restriction does
not survive such relicensing or conveying.

  If you add terms to a covered work in accord with this section, you
must place, in the relevant source files, a statement of the
additional terms that apply to those files, or a notice indicating
where to find the applicable terms.

  Additional terms, permissive or non-permissive, may be stated in the
form of a separately written license, or stated as exceptions;
the above requirements apply either way.

  8. Termination.

  You may not propagate or modify a covered work except as expressly
provided under this License.  Any attempt otherwise to propagate or
modify it is void, and will automatically terminate your rights under
this License (including any patent licenses granted under the third
paragraph of section 11).

  However, if you cease all violation of this License, then your
license from a particular copyright holder is reinstated (a)
provisionally, unless and until the copyright holder explicitly and
finally terminates your license, and (b) permanently, if the copyright
holder fails to notify you of the violation by some reasonable means
prior to 60 days after the cessation.

  Moreover, your license from a particular copyright holder is
reinstated permanently if the copyright holder notifies you of the
violation by some reasonable means, this is the first time you have
received notice of violation of this License (for any work) from that
copyright holder, and you cure the violation prior to 30 days after
your receipt of the notice.

  Termination of your rights under this section does not terminate the
licenses of parties who have received copies or rights from you under
this License.  If your rights have been terminated and not permanently
reinstated, you do not qualify to receive new licenses for the same
material under section 10.

  9. Acceptance Not Required for Having Copies.

  You are not required to accept this License in order to receive or
run a copy of the Program.  Ancillary propagation of a covered work
occurring solely as a consequence of using peer-to-peer transmission
to receive a copy likewise does not require acceptance.  However,
nothing other than this License grants you permission to propagate or
modify any covered work.  These actions infringe copyright if you do
not accept this License.  Therefore, by modifying or propagating a
covered work, you indicate your acceptance of this License to do so.

  10. Automatic Licensing of Downstream Recipients.

  Each time you convey a covered work, the recipient automatically
receives a license from the original licensors, to run, modify and
propagate that work, subject to this License.  You are not responsible
for enforcing compliance by third parties with this License.

  An "entity transaction" is a transaction transferring control of an
organization, or substantially all assets of one, or subdividing an
organization, or merging organizations.  If propagation of a covered
work results from an entity transaction, each party to that
transaction who receives a copy of the work also receives whatever
licenses to the work the party's predecessor in interest had or could
give under the previous paragraph, plus a right to possession of the
Corresponding Source of the work from the predecessor in interest, if
the predecessor has it or can get it with reasonable efforts.

  You may not impose any further restrictions on the exercise of the
rights granted or affirmed under this License.  For example, you may
not impose a license fee, royalty, or other charge for exercise of
rights granted under this License, and you may not initiate litigation
(including a cross-claim or counterclaim in a lawsuit) alleging that
any patent claim is infringed by making, using, selling, offering for
sale, or importing the Program or any portion of it.

  11. Patents.

  A "contributor" is a copyright holder who authorizes use under this
License of the Program or a work on which the Program is based.  The
work thus licensed is called the contributor's "contributor version".

  A contributor's "essential patent claims" are all patent claims
owned or controlled by the contributor, whether already acquired or
hereafter acquired, that would be infringed by some manner, permitted
by this License, of making, using, or selling its contributor version,
but do not include claims that would be infringed only as a
consequence of further modification of the contributor version.  For
purposes of this definition, "control" includes the right to grant
patent sublicenses in a manner consistent with the requirements of
this License.

  Each contributor grants you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free
patent license under the contributor's essential patent claims, to
make, use, sell, offer for sale, import and otherwise run, modify and
propagate the contents of its contributor version.

  In the following three paragraphs, a "patent license" is any express
agreement or commitment, however denominated, not to enforce a patent
(such as an express permission to practice a patent or covenant not to
sue for patent infringement).  To "grant" such a patent license to a
party means to make such an agreement or commitment not to enforce a
patent against the party.

  If you convey a covered work, knowingly relying on a patent license,
and the Corresponding Source of the work is not available for anyone
to copy, free of charge and under the terms of this License, through a
publicly available network server or other readily accessible means,
then you must either (1) cause the Corresponding Source to be so
available, or (2) arrange to deprive yourself of the benefit of the
patent license for this particular work, or (3) arrange, in a manner
consistent with the requirements of this License, to extend the patent
license to downstream recipients.  "Knowingly relying" means you have
actual knowledge that, but for the patent license, your conveying the
covered work in a country, or your recipient's use of the covered work
in a country, would infringe one or more identifiable patents in that
country that you have reason to believe are valid.

  If, pursuant to or in connection with a single transaction or
arrangement, you convey, or propagate by procuring conveyance of, a
covered work, and grant a patent license to some of the parties
receiving the covered work authorizing them to use, propagate, modify
or convey a specific copy of the covered work, then the patent license
you grant is automatically extended to all recipients of the covered
work and works based on it.

  A patent license is "discriminatory" if it does not include within
the scope of its coverage, prohibits the exercise of, or is
conditioned on the non-exercise of one or more of the rights that are
specifically granted under this License.  You may not convey a covered
work if you are a party to an arrangement with a third party that is
in the business of distributing software, under which you make payment
to the third party based on the extent of your activity of conveying
the work, and under which the third party grants, to any of the
parties who would receive the covered work from you, a discriminatory
patent license (a) in connection with copies of the covered work
conveyed by you (or copies made from those copies), or (b) primarily
for and in connection with specific products or compilations that
contain the covered work, unless you entered into that arrangement,
or that patent license was granted, prior to 28 March 2007.

  Nothing in this License shall be construed as excluding or limiting
any implied license or other defenses to infringement that may
otherwise be available to you under applicable patent law.

  12. No Surrender of Others' Freedom.

  If conditions are imposed on you (whether by court order, agreement or
otherwise) that contradict the conditions of this License, they do not
excuse you from the conditions of this License.  If you cannot convey a
covered work so as to satisfy simultaneously your obligations under this
License and any other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence you may
not convey it at all.  For example, if you agree to terms that obligate you
to collect a royalty for further conveying from those to whom you convey
the Program, the only way you could satisfy both those terms and this
License would be to refrain entirely from conveying the Program.

  13. Remote Network Interaction; Use with the GNU General Public License.

  Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, if you modify the
Program, your modified version must prominently offer all users
interacting with it remotely through a computer network (if your version
supports such interaction) an opportunity to receive the Corresponding
Source of your version by providing access to the Corresponding Source
from a network server at no charge, through some standard or customary
means of facilitating copying of software.  This Corresponding Source
shall include the Corresponding Source for any work covered by version 3
of the GNU General Public License that is incorporated pursuant to the
following paragraph.

  Notwithstanding any other provision of this License, you have
permission to link or combine any covered work with a work licensed
under version 3 of the GNU General Public License into a single
combined work, and to convey the resulting work.  The terms of this
License will continue to apply to the part which is the covered work,
but the work with which it is combined will remain governed by version
3 of the GNU General Public License.

  14. Revised Versions of this License.

  The Free Software Foundation may publish revised and/or new versions of
the GNU Affero General Public License from time to time.  Such new versions
will be similar in spirit to the present version, but may differ in detail to
address new problems or concerns.

  Each version is given a distinguishing version number.  If the
Program specifies that a certain numbered version of the GNU Affero General
Public License "or any later version" applies to it, you have the
option of following the terms and conditions either of that numbered
version or of any later version published by the Free Software
Foundation.  If the Program does not specify a version number of the
GNU Affero General Public License, you may choose any version ever published
by the Free Software Foundation.

  If the Program specifies that a proxy can decide which future
versions of the GNU Affero General Public License can be used, that proxy's
public statement of acceptance of a version permanently authorizes you
to choose that version for the Program.

  Later license versions may give you additional or different
permissions.  However, no additional obligations are imposed on any
author or copyright holder as a result of your choosing to follow a
later version.

  15. Disclaimer of Warranty.


  16. Limitation of Liability.


  17. Interpretation of Sections 15 and 16.

  If the disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability provided
above cannot be given local legal effect according to their terms,
reviewing courts shall apply local law that most closely approximates
an absolute waiver of all civil liability in connection with the
Program, unless a warranty or assumption of liability accompanies a
copy of the Program in return for a fee.

                     END OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS
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@@ 1,15 @@
phone to desktop bridge (https://sr.ht/~phroa/phone-desktop)
Copyright (C) 2021 Jack Stratton

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
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A  => phms.sln +18 -0
@@ 1,18 @@

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 12.00
Project("{FAE04EC0-301F-11D3-BF4B-00C04F79EFBC}") = "phms", "phms\phms.csproj", "{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}"
	GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
		Debug|Any CPU = Debug|Any CPU
		Release|Any CPU = Release|Any CPU
	GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Debug|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Debug|Any CPU
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Debug|Any CPU.Build.0 = Debug|Any CPU
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Debug|Any CPU.Deploy.0 = Debug|Any CPU
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Release|Any CPU.ActiveCfg = Release|Any CPU
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Release|Any CPU.Build.0 = Release|Any CPU
		{49E6E402-88DA-432B-9608-D52E50DD2C6F}.Release|Any CPU.Deploy.0 = Release|Any CPU

A  => phms/Assets/AboutAssets.txt +19 -0
@@ 1,19 @@
Any raw assets you want to be deployed with your application can be placed in
this directory (and child directories) and given a Build Action of "AndroidAsset".

These files will be deployed with you package and will be accessible using Android's
AssetManager, like this:

public class ReadAsset : Activity
    protected override void OnCreate (Bundle bundle)
        base.OnCreate (bundle);

        InputStream input = Assets.Open ("my_asset.txt");

Additionally, some Android functions will automatically load asset files:

Typeface tf = Typeface.CreateFromAsset (Context.Assets, "fonts/samplefont.ttf");
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A  => phms/MainActivity.cs +20 -0
@@ 1,20 @@
// SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
using Android.App;
using Android.OS;
using Android.Support.V7.App;
using Android.Runtime;
using Android.Widget;

namespace phms
    [Activity(Label = "@string/app_name", Theme = "@style/AppTheme", MainLauncher = true)]
    public class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity
        protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
            // Set our view from the "main" layout resource
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A  => phms/Properties/AndroidManifest.xml +9 -0
@@ 1,9 @@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" 
  <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" android:targetSdkVersion="30" />
  <application android:allowBackup="true" android:label="@string/app_name" android:supportsRtl="true" android:theme="@style/AppTheme">

A  => phms/Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs +30 -0
@@ 1,30 @@
using System.Reflection;
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using Android.App;

// General Information about an assembly is controlled through the following 
// set of attributes. Change these attribute values to modify the information
// associated with an assembly.
[assembly: AssemblyTitle("phms")]
[assembly: AssemblyDescription("")]
[assembly: AssemblyConfiguration("")]
[assembly: AssemblyCompany("")]
[assembly: AssemblyProduct("phms")]
[assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright ©  2021")]
[assembly: AssemblyTrademark("")]
[assembly: AssemblyCulture("")]
[assembly: ComVisible(false)]

// Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values:
//      Major Version
//      Minor Version 
//      Build Number
//      Revision
// You can specify all the values or you can default the Build and Revision Numbers 
// by using the '*' as shown below:
// [assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.*")]
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]
[assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")]
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A  => phms/Resources/AboutResources.txt +44 -0
@@ 1,44 @@
Images, layout descriptions, binary blobs and string dictionaries can be included 
in your application as resource files.  Various Android APIs are designed to 
operate on the resource IDs instead of dealing with images, strings or binary blobs 

For example, a sample Android app that contains a user interface layout (main.axml),
an internationalization string table (strings.xml) and some icons (drawable-XXX/icon.png) 
would keep its resources in the "Resources" directory of the application:




In order to get the build system to recognize Android resources, set the build action to
"AndroidResource".  The native Android APIs do not operate directly with filenames, but 
instead operate on resource IDs.  When you compile an Android application that uses resources, 
the build system will package the resources for distribution and generate a class called "R" 
(this is an Android convention) that contains the tokens for each one of the resources 
included. For example, for the above Resources layout, this is what the R class would expose:

public class R {
    public class drawable {
        public const int icon = 0x123;

    public class layout {
        public const int main = 0x456;

    public class strings {
        public const int first_string = 0xabc;
        public const int second_string = 0xbcd;

You would then use R.drawable.icon to reference the drawable/icon.png file, or R.layout.main 
to reference the layout/main.axml file, or R.strings.first_string to reference the first 
string in the dictionary file values/strings.xml.
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A  => phms/Resources/Resource.Designer.cs +8473 -0
@@ 1,8473 @@
#pragma warning disable 1591
// <auto-generated>
//     This code was generated by a tool.
//     Changes to this file may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if
//     the code is regenerated.
// </auto-generated>

[assembly: global::Android.Runtime.ResourceDesignerAttribute("phms.Resource", IsApplication=true)]

namespace phms
	[global::System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("Xamarin.Android.Build.Tasks", "")]
	public partial class Resource
		static Resource()
		public static void UpdateIdValues()
		public partial class Animation
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010000
			public const int abc_fade_in = 2130771968;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010001
			public const int abc_fade_out = 2130771969;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010002
			public const int abc_grow_fade_in_from_bottom = 2130771970;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010003
			public const int abc_popup_enter = 2130771971;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010004
			public const int abc_popup_exit = 2130771972;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010005
			public const int abc_shrink_fade_out_from_bottom = 2130771973;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010006
			public const int abc_slide_in_bottom = 2130771974;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010007
			public const int abc_slide_in_top = 2130771975;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010008
			public const int abc_slide_out_bottom = 2130771976;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F010009
			public const int abc_slide_out_top = 2130771977;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000A
			public const int abc_tooltip_enter = 2130771978;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000B
			public const int abc_tooltip_exit = 2130771979;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000C
			public const int design_bottom_sheet_slide_in = 2130771980;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000D
			public const int design_bottom_sheet_slide_out = 2130771981;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000E
			public const int design_snackbar_in = 2130771982;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F01000F
			public const int design_snackbar_out = 2130771983;
			static Animation()
			private Animation()
		public partial class Animator
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020000
			public const int design_appbar_state_list_animator = 2130837504;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020001
			public const int design_fab_hide_motion_spec = 2130837505;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020002
			public const int design_fab_show_motion_spec = 2130837506;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020003
			public const int mtrl_btn_state_list_anim = 2130837507;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020004
			public const int mtrl_btn_unelevated_state_list_anim = 2130837508;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020005
			public const int mtrl_chip_state_list_anim = 2130837509;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020006
			public const int mtrl_fab_hide_motion_spec = 2130837510;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020007
			public const int mtrl_fab_show_motion_spec = 2130837511;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020008
			public const int mtrl_fab_transformation_sheet_collapse_spec = 2130837512;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F020009
			public const int mtrl_fab_transformation_sheet_expand_spec = 2130837513;
			static Animator()
			private Animator()
		public partial class Attribute
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030000
			public const int actionBarDivider = 2130903040;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030001
			public const int actionBarItemBackground = 2130903041;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030002
			public const int actionBarPopupTheme = 2130903042;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030003
			public const int actionBarSize = 2130903043;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030004
			public const int actionBarSplitStyle = 2130903044;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030005
			public const int actionBarStyle = 2130903045;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030006
			public const int actionBarTabBarStyle = 2130903046;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030007
			public const int actionBarTabStyle = 2130903047;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030008
			public const int actionBarTabTextStyle = 2130903048;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030009
			public const int actionBarTheme = 2130903049;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000A
			public const int actionBarWidgetTheme = 2130903050;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000B
			public const int actionButtonStyle = 2130903051;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000C
			public const int actionDropDownStyle = 2130903052;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000D
			public const int actionLayout = 2130903053;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000E
			public const int actionMenuTextAppearance = 2130903054;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03000F
			public const int actionMenuTextColor = 2130903055;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030010
			public const int actionModeBackground = 2130903056;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030011
			public const int actionModeCloseButtonStyle = 2130903057;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030012
			public const int actionModeCloseDrawable = 2130903058;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030013
			public const int actionModeCopyDrawable = 2130903059;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030014
			public const int actionModeCutDrawable = 2130903060;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030015
			public const int actionModeFindDrawable = 2130903061;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030016
			public const int actionModePasteDrawable = 2130903062;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030017
			public const int actionModePopupWindowStyle = 2130903063;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030018
			public const int actionModeSelectAllDrawable = 2130903064;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030019
			public const int actionModeShareDrawable = 2130903065;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001A
			public const int actionModeSplitBackground = 2130903066;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001B
			public const int actionModeStyle = 2130903067;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001C
			public const int actionModeWebSearchDrawable = 2130903068;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001D
			public const int actionOverflowButtonStyle = 2130903069;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001E
			public const int actionOverflowMenuStyle = 2130903070;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03001F
			public const int actionProviderClass = 2130903071;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030020
			public const int actionViewClass = 2130903072;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030021
			public const int activityChooserViewStyle = 2130903073;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030022
			public const int alertDialogButtonGroupStyle = 2130903074;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030023
			public const int alertDialogCenterButtons = 2130903075;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030024
			public const int alertDialogStyle = 2130903076;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030025
			public const int alertDialogTheme = 2130903077;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030026
			public const int allowStacking = 2130903078;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030027
			public const int alpha = 2130903079;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030028
			public const int alphabeticModifiers = 2130903080;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030029
			public const int arrowHeadLength = 2130903081;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002A
			public const int arrowShaftLength = 2130903082;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002B
			public const int autoCompleteTextViewStyle = 2130903083;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002C
			public const int autoSizeMaxTextSize = 2130903084;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002D
			public const int autoSizeMinTextSize = 2130903085;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002E
			public const int autoSizePresetSizes = 2130903086;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03002F
			public const int autoSizeStepGranularity = 2130903087;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030030
			public const int autoSizeTextType = 2130903088;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030031
			public const int background = 2130903089;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030032
			public const int backgroundSplit = 2130903090;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030033
			public const int backgroundStacked = 2130903091;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030034
			public const int backgroundTint = 2130903092;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030035
			public const int backgroundTintMode = 2130903093;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030036
			public const int barLength = 2130903094;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030037
			public const int behavior_autoHide = 2130903095;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030038
			public const int behavior_fitToContents = 2130903096;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030039
			public const int behavior_hideable = 2130903097;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003A
			public const int behavior_overlapTop = 2130903098;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003B
			public const int behavior_peekHeight = 2130903099;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003C
			public const int behavior_skipCollapsed = 2130903100;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003E
			public const int borderlessButtonStyle = 2130903102;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003D
			public const int borderWidth = 2130903101;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03003F
			public const int bottomAppBarStyle = 2130903103;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030040
			public const int bottomNavigationStyle = 2130903104;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030041
			public const int bottomSheetDialogTheme = 2130903105;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030042
			public const int bottomSheetStyle = 2130903106;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030043
			public const int boxBackgroundColor = 2130903107;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030044
			public const int boxBackgroundMode = 2130903108;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030045
			public const int boxCollapsedPaddingTop = 2130903109;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030046
			public const int boxCornerRadiusBottomEnd = 2130903110;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030047
			public const int boxCornerRadiusBottomStart = 2130903111;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030048
			public const int boxCornerRadiusTopEnd = 2130903112;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030049
			public const int boxCornerRadiusTopStart = 2130903113;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004A
			public const int boxStrokeColor = 2130903114;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004B
			public const int boxStrokeWidth = 2130903115;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004C
			public const int buttonBarButtonStyle = 2130903116;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004D
			public const int buttonBarNegativeButtonStyle = 2130903117;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004E
			public const int buttonBarNeutralButtonStyle = 2130903118;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03004F
			public const int buttonBarPositiveButtonStyle = 2130903119;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030050
			public const int buttonBarStyle = 2130903120;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030051
			public const int buttonGravity = 2130903121;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030052
			public const int buttonIconDimen = 2130903122;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030053
			public const int buttonPanelSideLayout = 2130903123;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030054
			public const int buttonStyle = 2130903124;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030055
			public const int buttonStyleSmall = 2130903125;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030056
			public const int buttonTint = 2130903126;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030057
			public const int buttonTintMode = 2130903127;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030058
			public const int cardBackgroundColor = 2130903128;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030059
			public const int cardCornerRadius = 2130903129;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005A
			public const int cardElevation = 2130903130;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005B
			public const int cardMaxElevation = 2130903131;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005C
			public const int cardPreventCornerOverlap = 2130903132;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005D
			public const int cardUseCompatPadding = 2130903133;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005E
			public const int cardViewStyle = 2130903134;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03005F
			public const int checkboxStyle = 2130903135;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030060
			public const int checkedChip = 2130903136;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030061
			public const int checkedIcon = 2130903137;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030062
			public const int checkedIconEnabled = 2130903138;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030063
			public const int checkedIconVisible = 2130903139;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030064
			public const int checkedTextViewStyle = 2130903140;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030065
			public const int chipBackgroundColor = 2130903141;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030066
			public const int chipCornerRadius = 2130903142;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030067
			public const int chipEndPadding = 2130903143;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030068
			public const int chipGroupStyle = 2130903144;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030069
			public const int chipIcon = 2130903145;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006A
			public const int chipIconEnabled = 2130903146;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006B
			public const int chipIconSize = 2130903147;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006C
			public const int chipIconTint = 2130903148;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006D
			public const int chipIconVisible = 2130903149;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006E
			public const int chipMinHeight = 2130903150;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03006F
			public const int chipSpacing = 2130903151;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030070
			public const int chipSpacingHorizontal = 2130903152;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030071
			public const int chipSpacingVertical = 2130903153;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030072
			public const int chipStandaloneStyle = 2130903154;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030073
			public const int chipStartPadding = 2130903155;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030074
			public const int chipStrokeColor = 2130903156;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030075
			public const int chipStrokeWidth = 2130903157;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030076
			public const int chipStyle = 2130903158;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030077
			public const int closeIcon = 2130903159;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030078
			public const int closeIconEnabled = 2130903160;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030079
			public const int closeIconEndPadding = 2130903161;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007A
			public const int closeIconSize = 2130903162;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007B
			public const int closeIconStartPadding = 2130903163;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007C
			public const int closeIconTint = 2130903164;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007D
			public const int closeIconVisible = 2130903165;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007E
			public const int closeItemLayout = 2130903166;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03007F
			public const int collapseContentDescription = 2130903167;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030081
			public const int collapsedTitleGravity = 2130903169;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030082
			public const int collapsedTitleTextAppearance = 2130903170;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030080
			public const int collapseIcon = 2130903168;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030083
			public const int color = 2130903171;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030084
			public const int colorAccent = 2130903172;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030085
			public const int colorBackgroundFloating = 2130903173;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030086
			public const int colorButtonNormal = 2130903174;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030087
			public const int colorControlActivated = 2130903175;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030088
			public const int colorControlHighlight = 2130903176;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030089
			public const int colorControlNormal = 2130903177;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008A
			public const int colorError = 2130903178;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008B
			public const int colorPrimary = 2130903179;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008C
			public const int colorPrimaryDark = 2130903180;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008D
			public const int colorSecondary = 2130903181;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008E
			public const int colorSwitchThumbNormal = 2130903182;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03008F
			public const int commitIcon = 2130903183;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030090
			public const int contentDescription = 2130903184;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030091
			public const int contentInsetEnd = 2130903185;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030092
			public const int contentInsetEndWithActions = 2130903186;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030093
			public const int contentInsetLeft = 2130903187;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030094
			public const int contentInsetRight = 2130903188;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030095
			public const int contentInsetStart = 2130903189;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030096
			public const int contentInsetStartWithNavigation = 2130903190;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030097
			public const int contentPadding = 2130903191;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030098
			public const int contentPaddingBottom = 2130903192;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030099
			public const int contentPaddingLeft = 2130903193;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009A
			public const int contentPaddingRight = 2130903194;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009B
			public const int contentPaddingTop = 2130903195;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009C
			public const int contentScrim = 2130903196;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009D
			public const int controlBackground = 2130903197;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009E
			public const int coordinatorLayoutStyle = 2130903198;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03009F
			public const int cornerRadius = 2130903199;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A0
			public const int counterEnabled = 2130903200;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A1
			public const int counterMaxLength = 2130903201;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A2
			public const int counterOverflowTextAppearance = 2130903202;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A3
			public const int counterTextAppearance = 2130903203;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A4
			public const int customNavigationLayout = 2130903204;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A5
			public const int defaultQueryHint = 2130903205;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A6
			public const int dialogCornerRadius = 2130903206;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A7
			public const int dialogPreferredPadding = 2130903207;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A8
			public const int dialogTheme = 2130903208;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300A9
			public const int displayOptions = 2130903209;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AA
			public const int divider = 2130903210;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AB
			public const int dividerHorizontal = 2130903211;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AC
			public const int dividerPadding = 2130903212;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AD
			public const int dividerVertical = 2130903213;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AE
			public const int drawableSize = 2130903214;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300AF
			public const int drawerArrowStyle = 2130903215;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B1
			public const int dropdownListPreferredItemHeight = 2130903217;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B0
			public const int dropDownListViewStyle = 2130903216;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B2
			public const int editTextBackground = 2130903218;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B3
			public const int editTextColor = 2130903219;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B4
			public const int editTextStyle = 2130903220;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B5
			public const int elevation = 2130903221;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B6
			public const int enforceMaterialTheme = 2130903222;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B7
			public const int enforceTextAppearance = 2130903223;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B8
			public const int errorEnabled = 2130903224;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300B9
			public const int errorTextAppearance = 2130903225;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BA
			public const int expandActivityOverflowButtonDrawable = 2130903226;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BB
			public const int expanded = 2130903227;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BC
			public const int expandedTitleGravity = 2130903228;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BD
			public const int expandedTitleMargin = 2130903229;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BE
			public const int expandedTitleMarginBottom = 2130903230;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300BF
			public const int expandedTitleMarginEnd = 2130903231;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C0
			public const int expandedTitleMarginStart = 2130903232;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C1
			public const int expandedTitleMarginTop = 2130903233;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C2
			public const int expandedTitleTextAppearance = 2130903234;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C3
			public const int fabAlignmentMode = 2130903235;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C4
			public const int fabCradleMargin = 2130903236;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C5
			public const int fabCradleRoundedCornerRadius = 2130903237;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C6
			public const int fabCradleVerticalOffset = 2130903238;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C7
			public const int fabCustomSize = 2130903239;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C8
			public const int fabSize = 2130903240;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300C9
			public const int fastScrollEnabled = 2130903241;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CA
			public const int fastScrollHorizontalThumbDrawable = 2130903242;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CB
			public const int fastScrollHorizontalTrackDrawable = 2130903243;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CC
			public const int fastScrollVerticalThumbDrawable = 2130903244;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CD
			public const int fastScrollVerticalTrackDrawable = 2130903245;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CE
			public const int firstBaselineToTopHeight = 2130903246;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300CF
			public const int floatingActionButtonStyle = 2130903247;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D0
			public const int font = 2130903248;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D1
			public const int fontFamily = 2130903249;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D2
			public const int fontProviderAuthority = 2130903250;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D3
			public const int fontProviderCerts = 2130903251;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D4
			public const int fontProviderFetchStrategy = 2130903252;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D5
			public const int fontProviderFetchTimeout = 2130903253;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D6
			public const int fontProviderPackage = 2130903254;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D7
			public const int fontProviderQuery = 2130903255;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D8
			public const int fontStyle = 2130903256;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300D9
			public const int fontVariationSettings = 2130903257;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DA
			public const int fontWeight = 2130903258;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DB
			public const int foregroundInsidePadding = 2130903259;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DC
			public const int gapBetweenBars = 2130903260;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DD
			public const int goIcon = 2130903261;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DE
			public const int headerLayout = 2130903262;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300DF
			public const int height = 2130903263;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E0
			public const int helperText = 2130903264;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E1
			public const int helperTextEnabled = 2130903265;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E2
			public const int helperTextTextAppearance = 2130903266;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E3
			public const int hideMotionSpec = 2130903267;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E4
			public const int hideOnContentScroll = 2130903268;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E5
			public const int hideOnScroll = 2130903269;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E6
			public const int hintAnimationEnabled = 2130903270;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E7
			public const int hintEnabled = 2130903271;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E8
			public const int hintTextAppearance = 2130903272;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300E9
			public const int homeAsUpIndicator = 2130903273;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300EA
			public const int homeLayout = 2130903274;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300EB
			public const int hoveredFocusedTranslationZ = 2130903275;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300EC
			public const int icon = 2130903276;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300ED
			public const int iconEndPadding = 2130903277;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300EE
			public const int iconGravity = 2130903278;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F4
			public const int iconifiedByDefault = 2130903284;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300EF
			public const int iconPadding = 2130903279;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F0
			public const int iconSize = 2130903280;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F1
			public const int iconStartPadding = 2130903281;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F2
			public const int iconTint = 2130903282;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F3
			public const int iconTintMode = 2130903283;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F5
			public const int imageButtonStyle = 2130903285;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F6
			public const int indeterminateProgressStyle = 2130903286;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F7
			public const int initialActivityCount = 2130903287;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F8
			public const int insetForeground = 2130903288;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300F9
			public const int isLightTheme = 2130903289;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FA
			public const int itemBackground = 2130903290;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FB
			public const int itemHorizontalPadding = 2130903291;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FC
			public const int itemHorizontalTranslationEnabled = 2130903292;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FD
			public const int itemIconPadding = 2130903293;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FE
			public const int itemIconSize = 2130903294;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0300FF
			public const int itemIconTint = 2130903295;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030100
			public const int itemPadding = 2130903296;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030101
			public const int itemSpacing = 2130903297;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030102
			public const int itemTextAppearance = 2130903298;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030103
			public const int itemTextAppearanceActive = 2130903299;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030104
			public const int itemTextAppearanceInactive = 2130903300;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030105
			public const int itemTextColor = 2130903301;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030106
			public const int keylines = 2130903302;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030107
			public const int labelVisibilityMode = 2130903303;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030108
			public const int lastBaselineToBottomHeight = 2130903304;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030109
			public const int layout = 2130903305;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010A
			public const int layoutManager = 2130903306;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010B
			public const int layout_anchor = 2130903307;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010C
			public const int layout_anchorGravity = 2130903308;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010D
			public const int layout_behavior = 2130903309;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010E
			public const int layout_collapseMode = 2130903310;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03010F
			public const int layout_collapseParallaxMultiplier = 2130903311;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030110
			public const int layout_dodgeInsetEdges = 2130903312;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030111
			public const int layout_insetEdge = 2130903313;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030112
			public const int layout_keyline = 2130903314;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030113
			public const int layout_scrollFlags = 2130903315;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030114
			public const int layout_scrollInterpolator = 2130903316;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030115
			public const int liftOnScroll = 2130903317;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030116
			public const int lineHeight = 2130903318;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030117
			public const int lineSpacing = 2130903319;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030118
			public const int listChoiceBackgroundIndicator = 2130903320;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030119
			public const int listDividerAlertDialog = 2130903321;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011A
			public const int listItemLayout = 2130903322;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011B
			public const int listLayout = 2130903323;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011C
			public const int listMenuViewStyle = 2130903324;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011D
			public const int listPopupWindowStyle = 2130903325;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011E
			public const int listPreferredItemHeight = 2130903326;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03011F
			public const int listPreferredItemHeightLarge = 2130903327;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030120
			public const int listPreferredItemHeightSmall = 2130903328;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030121
			public const int listPreferredItemPaddingLeft = 2130903329;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030122
			public const int listPreferredItemPaddingRight = 2130903330;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030123
			public const int logo = 2130903331;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030124
			public const int logoDescription = 2130903332;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030125
			public const int materialButtonStyle = 2130903333;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030126
			public const int materialCardViewStyle = 2130903334;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030127
			public const int maxActionInlineWidth = 2130903335;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030128
			public const int maxButtonHeight = 2130903336;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030129
			public const int maxImageSize = 2130903337;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012A
			public const int measureWithLargestChild = 2130903338;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012B
			public const int menu = 2130903339;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012C
			public const int multiChoiceItemLayout = 2130903340;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012D
			public const int navigationContentDescription = 2130903341;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012E
			public const int navigationIcon = 2130903342;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03012F
			public const int navigationMode = 2130903343;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030130
			public const int navigationViewStyle = 2130903344;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030131
			public const int numericModifiers = 2130903345;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030132
			public const int overlapAnchor = 2130903346;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030133
			public const int paddingBottomNoButtons = 2130903347;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030134
			public const int paddingEnd = 2130903348;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030135
			public const int paddingStart = 2130903349;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030136
			public const int paddingTopNoTitle = 2130903350;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030137
			public const int panelBackground = 2130903351;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030138
			public const int panelMenuListTheme = 2130903352;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030139
			public const int panelMenuListWidth = 2130903353;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013A
			public const int passwordToggleContentDescription = 2130903354;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013B
			public const int passwordToggleDrawable = 2130903355;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013C
			public const int passwordToggleEnabled = 2130903356;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013D
			public const int passwordToggleTint = 2130903357;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013E
			public const int passwordToggleTintMode = 2130903358;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03013F
			public const int popupMenuStyle = 2130903359;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030140
			public const int popupTheme = 2130903360;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030141
			public const int popupWindowStyle = 2130903361;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030142
			public const int preserveIconSpacing = 2130903362;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030143
			public const int pressedTranslationZ = 2130903363;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030144
			public const int progressBarPadding = 2130903364;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030145
			public const int progressBarStyle = 2130903365;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030146
			public const int queryBackground = 2130903366;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030147
			public const int queryHint = 2130903367;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030148
			public const int radioButtonStyle = 2130903368;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030149
			public const int ratingBarStyle = 2130903369;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014A
			public const int ratingBarStyleIndicator = 2130903370;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014B
			public const int ratingBarStyleSmall = 2130903371;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014C
			public const int reverseLayout = 2130903372;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014D
			public const int rippleColor = 2130903373;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014E
			public const int scrimAnimationDuration = 2130903374;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03014F
			public const int scrimBackground = 2130903375;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030150
			public const int scrimVisibleHeightTrigger = 2130903376;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030151
			public const int searchHintIcon = 2130903377;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030152
			public const int searchIcon = 2130903378;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030153
			public const int searchViewStyle = 2130903379;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030154
			public const int seekBarStyle = 2130903380;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030155
			public const int selectableItemBackground = 2130903381;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030156
			public const int selectableItemBackgroundBorderless = 2130903382;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030157
			public const int showAsAction = 2130903383;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030158
			public const int showDividers = 2130903384;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030159
			public const int showMotionSpec = 2130903385;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015A
			public const int showText = 2130903386;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015B
			public const int showTitle = 2130903387;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015C
			public const int singleChoiceItemLayout = 2130903388;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015D
			public const int singleLine = 2130903389;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015E
			public const int singleSelection = 2130903390;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03015F
			public const int snackbarButtonStyle = 2130903391;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030160
			public const int snackbarStyle = 2130903392;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030161
			public const int spanCount = 2130903393;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030162
			public const int spinBars = 2130903394;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030163
			public const int spinnerDropDownItemStyle = 2130903395;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030164
			public const int spinnerStyle = 2130903396;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030165
			public const int splitTrack = 2130903397;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030166
			public const int srcCompat = 2130903398;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030167
			public const int stackFromEnd = 2130903399;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030168
			public const int state_above_anchor = 2130903400;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030169
			public const int state_collapsed = 2130903401;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016A
			public const int state_collapsible = 2130903402;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016B
			public const int state_liftable = 2130903403;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016C
			public const int state_lifted = 2130903404;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016D
			public const int statusBarBackground = 2130903405;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016E
			public const int statusBarScrim = 2130903406;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03016F
			public const int strokeColor = 2130903407;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030170
			public const int strokeWidth = 2130903408;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030171
			public const int subMenuArrow = 2130903409;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030172
			public const int submitBackground = 2130903410;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030173
			public const int subtitle = 2130903411;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030174
			public const int subtitleTextAppearance = 2130903412;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030175
			public const int subtitleTextColor = 2130903413;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030176
			public const int subtitleTextStyle = 2130903414;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030177
			public const int suggestionRowLayout = 2130903415;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030178
			public const int switchMinWidth = 2130903416;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030179
			public const int switchPadding = 2130903417;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017A
			public const int switchStyle = 2130903418;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017B
			public const int switchTextAppearance = 2130903419;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017C
			public const int tabBackground = 2130903420;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017D
			public const int tabContentStart = 2130903421;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017E
			public const int tabGravity = 2130903422;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03017F
			public const int tabIconTint = 2130903423;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030180
			public const int tabIconTintMode = 2130903424;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030181
			public const int tabIndicator = 2130903425;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030182
			public const int tabIndicatorAnimationDuration = 2130903426;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030183
			public const int tabIndicatorColor = 2130903427;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030184
			public const int tabIndicatorFullWidth = 2130903428;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030185
			public const int tabIndicatorGravity = 2130903429;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030186
			public const int tabIndicatorHeight = 2130903430;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030187
			public const int tabInlineLabel = 2130903431;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030188
			public const int tabMaxWidth = 2130903432;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030189
			public const int tabMinWidth = 2130903433;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018A
			public const int tabMode = 2130903434;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018B
			public const int tabPadding = 2130903435;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018C
			public const int tabPaddingBottom = 2130903436;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018D
			public const int tabPaddingEnd = 2130903437;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018E
			public const int tabPaddingStart = 2130903438;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03018F
			public const int tabPaddingTop = 2130903439;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030190
			public const int tabRippleColor = 2130903440;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030191
			public const int tabSelectedTextColor = 2130903441;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030192
			public const int tabStyle = 2130903442;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030193
			public const int tabTextAppearance = 2130903443;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030194
			public const int tabTextColor = 2130903444;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030195
			public const int tabUnboundedRipple = 2130903445;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030196
			public const int textAllCaps = 2130903446;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030197
			public const int textAppearanceBody1 = 2130903447;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030198
			public const int textAppearanceBody2 = 2130903448;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F030199
			public const int textAppearanceButton = 2130903449;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019A
			public const int textAppearanceCaption = 2130903450;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019B
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline1 = 2130903451;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019C
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline2 = 2130903452;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019D
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline3 = 2130903453;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019E
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline4 = 2130903454;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F03019F
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline5 = 2130903455;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A0
			public const int textAppearanceHeadline6 = 2130903456;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A1
			public const int textAppearanceLargePopupMenu = 2130903457;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A2
			public const int textAppearanceListItem = 2130903458;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A3
			public const int textAppearanceListItemSecondary = 2130903459;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A4
			public const int textAppearanceListItemSmall = 2130903460;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A5
			public const int textAppearanceOverline = 2130903461;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A6
			public const int textAppearancePopupMenuHeader = 2130903462;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A7
			public const int textAppearanceSearchResultSubtitle = 2130903463;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A8
			public const int textAppearanceSearchResultTitle = 2130903464;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301A9
			public const int textAppearanceSmallPopupMenu = 2130903465;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AA
			public const int textAppearanceSubtitle1 = 2130903466;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AB
			public const int textAppearanceSubtitle2 = 2130903467;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AC
			public const int textColorAlertDialogListItem = 2130903468;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AD
			public const int textColorSearchUrl = 2130903469;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AE
			public const int textEndPadding = 2130903470;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301AF
			public const int textInputStyle = 2130903471;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B0
			public const int textStartPadding = 2130903472;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B1
			public const int theme = 2130903473;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B2
			public const int thickness = 2130903474;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B3
			public const int thumbTextPadding = 2130903475;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B4
			public const int thumbTint = 2130903476;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B5
			public const int thumbTintMode = 2130903477;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B6
			public const int tickMark = 2130903478;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B7
			public const int tickMarkTint = 2130903479;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B8
			public const int tickMarkTintMode = 2130903480;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301B9
			public const int tint = 2130903481;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BA
			public const int tintMode = 2130903482;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BB
			public const int title = 2130903483;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BC
			public const int titleEnabled = 2130903484;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BD
			public const int titleMargin = 2130903485;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BE
			public const int titleMarginBottom = 2130903486;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301BF
			public const int titleMarginEnd = 2130903487;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C2
			public const int titleMargins = 2130903490;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C0
			public const int titleMarginStart = 2130903488;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C1
			public const int titleMarginTop = 2130903489;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C3
			public const int titleTextAppearance = 2130903491;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C4
			public const int titleTextColor = 2130903492;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C5
			public const int titleTextStyle = 2130903493;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C6
			public const int toolbarId = 2130903494;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C7
			public const int toolbarNavigationButtonStyle = 2130903495;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C8
			public const int toolbarStyle = 2130903496;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301C9
			public const int tooltipForegroundColor = 2130903497;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CA
			public const int tooltipFrameBackground = 2130903498;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CB
			public const int tooltipText = 2130903499;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CC
			public const int track = 2130903500;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CD
			public const int trackTint = 2130903501;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CE
			public const int trackTintMode = 2130903502;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301CF
			public const int ttcIndex = 2130903503;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D0
			public const int useCompatPadding = 2130903504;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D1
			public const int viewInflaterClass = 2130903505;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D2
			public const int voiceIcon = 2130903506;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D3
			public const int windowActionBar = 2130903507;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D4
			public const int windowActionBarOverlay = 2130903508;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D5
			public const int windowActionModeOverlay = 2130903509;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D6
			public const int windowFixedHeightMajor = 2130903510;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D7
			public const int windowFixedHeightMinor = 2130903511;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D8
			public const int windowFixedWidthMajor = 2130903512;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301D9
			public const int windowFixedWidthMinor = 2130903513;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301DA
			public const int windowMinWidthMajor = 2130903514;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301DB
			public const int windowMinWidthMinor = 2130903515;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0301DC
			public const int windowNoTitle = 2130903516;
			static Attribute()
			private Attribute()
		public partial class Boolean
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F040000
			public const int abc_action_bar_embed_tabs = 2130968576;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F040001
			public const int abc_allow_stacked_button_bar = 2130968577;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F040002
			public const int abc_config_actionMenuItemAllCaps = 2130968578;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F040003
			public const int mtrl_btn_textappearance_all_caps = 2130968579;
			static Boolean()
			private Boolean()
		public partial class Color
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050000
			public const int abc_background_cache_hint_selector_material_dark = 2131034112;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050001
			public const int abc_background_cache_hint_selector_material_light = 2131034113;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050002
			public const int abc_btn_colored_borderless_text_material = 2131034114;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050003
			public const int abc_btn_colored_text_material = 2131034115;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050004
			public const int abc_color_highlight_material = 2131034116;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050005
			public const int abc_hint_foreground_material_dark = 2131034117;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050006
			public const int abc_hint_foreground_material_light = 2131034118;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050007
			public const int abc_input_method_navigation_guard = 2131034119;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050008
			public const int abc_primary_text_disable_only_material_dark = 2131034120;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050009
			public const int abc_primary_text_disable_only_material_light = 2131034121;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000A
			public const int abc_primary_text_material_dark = 2131034122;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000B
			public const int abc_primary_text_material_light = 2131034123;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000C
			public const int abc_search_url_text = 2131034124;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000D
			public const int abc_search_url_text_normal = 2131034125;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000E
			public const int abc_search_url_text_pressed = 2131034126;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05000F
			public const int abc_search_url_text_selected = 2131034127;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050010
			public const int abc_secondary_text_material_dark = 2131034128;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050011
			public const int abc_secondary_text_material_light = 2131034129;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050012
			public const int abc_tint_btn_checkable = 2131034130;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050013
			public const int abc_tint_default = 2131034131;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050014
			public const int abc_tint_edittext = 2131034132;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050015
			public const int abc_tint_seek_thumb = 2131034133;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050016
			public const int abc_tint_spinner = 2131034134;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050017
			public const int abc_tint_switch_track = 2131034135;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050018
			public const int accent_material_dark = 2131034136;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050019
			public const int accent_material_light = 2131034137;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001A
			public const int background_floating_material_dark = 2131034138;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001B
			public const int background_floating_material_light = 2131034139;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001C
			public const int background_material_dark = 2131034140;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001D
			public const int background_material_light = 2131034141;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001E
			public const int bright_foreground_disabled_material_dark = 2131034142;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05001F
			public const int bright_foreground_disabled_material_light = 2131034143;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050020
			public const int bright_foreground_inverse_material_dark = 2131034144;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050021
			public const int bright_foreground_inverse_material_light = 2131034145;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050022
			public const int bright_foreground_material_dark = 2131034146;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050023
			public const int bright_foreground_material_light = 2131034147;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050024
			public const int button_material_dark = 2131034148;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050025
			public const int button_material_light = 2131034149;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050026
			public const int cardview_dark_background = 2131034150;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050027
			public const int cardview_light_background = 2131034151;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050028
			public const int cardview_shadow_end_color = 2131034152;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050029
			public const int cardview_shadow_start_color = 2131034153;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002A
			public const int colorAccent = 2131034154;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002B
			public const int colorPrimary = 2131034155;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002C
			public const int colorPrimaryDark = 2131034156;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002D
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_shadow_color = 2131034157;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002E
			public const int design_default_color_primary = 2131034158;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05002F
			public const int design_default_color_primary_dark = 2131034159;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050030
			public const int design_error = 2131034160;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050031
			public const int design_fab_shadow_end_color = 2131034161;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050032
			public const int design_fab_shadow_mid_color = 2131034162;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050033
			public const int design_fab_shadow_start_color = 2131034163;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050034
			public const int design_fab_stroke_end_inner_color = 2131034164;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050035
			public const int design_fab_stroke_end_outer_color = 2131034165;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050036
			public const int design_fab_stroke_top_inner_color = 2131034166;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050037
			public const int design_fab_stroke_top_outer_color = 2131034167;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050038
			public const int design_snackbar_background_color = 2131034168;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050039
			public const int design_tint_password_toggle = 2131034169;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003A
			public const int dim_foreground_disabled_material_dark = 2131034170;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003B
			public const int dim_foreground_disabled_material_light = 2131034171;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003C
			public const int dim_foreground_material_dark = 2131034172;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003D
			public const int dim_foreground_material_light = 2131034173;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003E
			public const int error_color_material_dark = 2131034174;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05003F
			public const int error_color_material_light = 2131034175;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050040
			public const int foreground_material_dark = 2131034176;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050041
			public const int foreground_material_light = 2131034177;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050042
			public const int highlighted_text_material_dark = 2131034178;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050043
			public const int highlighted_text_material_light = 2131034179;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050044
			public const int ic_launcher_background = 2131034180;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050045
			public const int material_blue_grey_800 = 2131034181;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050046
			public const int material_blue_grey_900 = 2131034182;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050047
			public const int material_blue_grey_950 = 2131034183;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050048
			public const int material_deep_teal_200 = 2131034184;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050049
			public const int material_deep_teal_500 = 2131034185;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004A
			public const int material_grey_100 = 2131034186;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004B
			public const int material_grey_300 = 2131034187;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004C
			public const int material_grey_50 = 2131034188;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004D
			public const int material_grey_600 = 2131034189;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004E
			public const int material_grey_800 = 2131034190;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05004F
			public const int material_grey_850 = 2131034191;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050050
			public const int material_grey_900 = 2131034192;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050051
			public const int mtrl_bottom_nav_colored_item_tint = 2131034193;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050052
			public const int mtrl_bottom_nav_item_tint = 2131034194;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050053
			public const int mtrl_btn_bg_color_disabled = 2131034195;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050054
			public const int mtrl_btn_bg_color_selector = 2131034196;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050055
			public const int mtrl_btn_ripple_color = 2131034197;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050056
			public const int mtrl_btn_stroke_color_selector = 2131034198;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050057
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_btn_ripple_color = 2131034199;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050058
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_color_disabled = 2131034200;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050059
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_color_selector = 2131034201;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005A
			public const int mtrl_btn_transparent_bg_color = 2131034202;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005B
			public const int mtrl_chip_background_color = 2131034203;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005C
			public const int mtrl_chip_close_icon_tint = 2131034204;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005D
			public const int mtrl_chip_ripple_color = 2131034205;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005E
			public const int mtrl_chip_text_color = 2131034206;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05005F
			public const int mtrl_fab_ripple_color = 2131034207;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050060
			public const int mtrl_scrim_color = 2131034208;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050061
			public const int mtrl_tabs_colored_ripple_color = 2131034209;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050062
			public const int mtrl_tabs_icon_color_selector = 2131034210;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050063
			public const int mtrl_tabs_icon_color_selector_colored = 2131034211;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050064
			public const int mtrl_tabs_legacy_text_color_selector = 2131034212;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050065
			public const int mtrl_tabs_ripple_color = 2131034213;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050067
			public const int mtrl_textinput_default_box_stroke_color = 2131034215;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050068
			public const int mtrl_textinput_disabled_color = 2131034216;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050069
			public const int mtrl_textinput_filled_box_default_background_color = 2131034217;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006A
			public const int mtrl_textinput_hovered_box_stroke_color = 2131034218;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050066
			public const int mtrl_text_btn_text_color_selector = 2131034214;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006B
			public const int notification_action_color_filter = 2131034219;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006C
			public const int notification_icon_bg_color = 2131034220;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006D
			public const int primary_dark_material_dark = 2131034221;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006E
			public const int primary_dark_material_light = 2131034222;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05006F
			public const int primary_material_dark = 2131034223;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050070
			public const int primary_material_light = 2131034224;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050071
			public const int primary_text_default_material_dark = 2131034225;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050072
			public const int primary_text_default_material_light = 2131034226;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050073
			public const int primary_text_disabled_material_dark = 2131034227;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050074
			public const int primary_text_disabled_material_light = 2131034228;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050075
			public const int ripple_material_dark = 2131034229;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050076
			public const int ripple_material_light = 2131034230;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050077
			public const int secondary_text_default_material_dark = 2131034231;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050078
			public const int secondary_text_default_material_light = 2131034232;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050079
			public const int secondary_text_disabled_material_dark = 2131034233;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007A
			public const int secondary_text_disabled_material_light = 2131034234;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007B
			public const int switch_thumb_disabled_material_dark = 2131034235;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007C
			public const int switch_thumb_disabled_material_light = 2131034236;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007D
			public const int switch_thumb_material_dark = 2131034237;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007E
			public const int switch_thumb_material_light = 2131034238;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F05007F
			public const int switch_thumb_normal_material_dark = 2131034239;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050080
			public const int switch_thumb_normal_material_light = 2131034240;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050081
			public const int tooltip_background_dark = 2131034241;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F050082
			public const int tooltip_background_light = 2131034242;
			static Color()
			private Color()
		public partial class Dimension
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060000
			public const int abc_action_bar_content_inset_material = 2131099648;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060001
			public const int abc_action_bar_content_inset_with_nav = 2131099649;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060002
			public const int abc_action_bar_default_height_material = 2131099650;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060003
			public const int abc_action_bar_default_padding_end_material = 2131099651;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060004
			public const int abc_action_bar_default_padding_start_material = 2131099652;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060005
			public const int abc_action_bar_elevation_material = 2131099653;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060006
			public const int abc_action_bar_icon_vertical_padding_material = 2131099654;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060007
			public const int abc_action_bar_overflow_padding_end_material = 2131099655;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060008
			public const int abc_action_bar_overflow_padding_start_material = 2131099656;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060009
			public const int abc_action_bar_stacked_max_height = 2131099657;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000A
			public const int abc_action_bar_stacked_tab_max_width = 2131099658;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000B
			public const int abc_action_bar_subtitle_bottom_margin_material = 2131099659;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000C
			public const int abc_action_bar_subtitle_top_margin_material = 2131099660;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000D
			public const int abc_action_button_min_height_material = 2131099661;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000E
			public const int abc_action_button_min_width_material = 2131099662;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06000F
			public const int abc_action_button_min_width_overflow_material = 2131099663;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060010
			public const int abc_alert_dialog_button_bar_height = 2131099664;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060011
			public const int abc_alert_dialog_button_dimen = 2131099665;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060012
			public const int abc_button_inset_horizontal_material = 2131099666;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060013
			public const int abc_button_inset_vertical_material = 2131099667;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060014
			public const int abc_button_padding_horizontal_material = 2131099668;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060015
			public const int abc_button_padding_vertical_material = 2131099669;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060016
			public const int abc_cascading_menus_min_smallest_width = 2131099670;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060017
			public const int abc_config_prefDialogWidth = 2131099671;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060018
			public const int abc_control_corner_material = 2131099672;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060019
			public const int abc_control_inset_material = 2131099673;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001A
			public const int abc_control_padding_material = 2131099674;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001B
			public const int abc_dialog_corner_radius_material = 2131099675;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001C
			public const int abc_dialog_fixed_height_major = 2131099676;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001D
			public const int abc_dialog_fixed_height_minor = 2131099677;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001E
			public const int abc_dialog_fixed_width_major = 2131099678;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06001F
			public const int abc_dialog_fixed_width_minor = 2131099679;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060020
			public const int abc_dialog_list_padding_bottom_no_buttons = 2131099680;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060021
			public const int abc_dialog_list_padding_top_no_title = 2131099681;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060022
			public const int abc_dialog_min_width_major = 2131099682;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060023
			public const int abc_dialog_min_width_minor = 2131099683;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060024
			public const int abc_dialog_padding_material = 2131099684;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060025
			public const int abc_dialog_padding_top_material = 2131099685;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060026
			public const int abc_dialog_title_divider_material = 2131099686;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060027
			public const int abc_disabled_alpha_material_dark = 2131099687;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060028
			public const int abc_disabled_alpha_material_light = 2131099688;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060029
			public const int abc_dropdownitem_icon_width = 2131099689;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002A
			public const int abc_dropdownitem_text_padding_left = 2131099690;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002B
			public const int abc_dropdownitem_text_padding_right = 2131099691;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002C
			public const int abc_edit_text_inset_bottom_material = 2131099692;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002D
			public const int abc_edit_text_inset_horizontal_material = 2131099693;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002E
			public const int abc_edit_text_inset_top_material = 2131099694;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06002F
			public const int abc_floating_window_z = 2131099695;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060030
			public const int abc_list_item_padding_horizontal_material = 2131099696;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060031
			public const int abc_panel_menu_list_width = 2131099697;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060032
			public const int abc_progress_bar_height_material = 2131099698;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060033
			public const int abc_search_view_preferred_height = 2131099699;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060034
			public const int abc_search_view_preferred_width = 2131099700;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060035
			public const int abc_seekbar_track_background_height_material = 2131099701;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060036
			public const int abc_seekbar_track_progress_height_material = 2131099702;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060037
			public const int abc_select_dialog_padding_start_material = 2131099703;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060038
			public const int abc_switch_padding = 2131099704;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060039
			public const int abc_text_size_body_1_material = 2131099705;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003A
			public const int abc_text_size_body_2_material = 2131099706;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003B
			public const int abc_text_size_button_material = 2131099707;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003C
			public const int abc_text_size_caption_material = 2131099708;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003D
			public const int abc_text_size_display_1_material = 2131099709;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003E
			public const int abc_text_size_display_2_material = 2131099710;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06003F
			public const int abc_text_size_display_3_material = 2131099711;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060040
			public const int abc_text_size_display_4_material = 2131099712;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060041
			public const int abc_text_size_headline_material = 2131099713;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060042
			public const int abc_text_size_large_material = 2131099714;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060043
			public const int abc_text_size_medium_material = 2131099715;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060044
			public const int abc_text_size_menu_header_material = 2131099716;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060045
			public const int abc_text_size_menu_material = 2131099717;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060046
			public const int abc_text_size_small_material = 2131099718;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060047
			public const int abc_text_size_subhead_material = 2131099719;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060048
			public const int abc_text_size_subtitle_material_toolbar = 2131099720;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060049
			public const int abc_text_size_title_material = 2131099721;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004A
			public const int abc_text_size_title_material_toolbar = 2131099722;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004B
			public const int cardview_compat_inset_shadow = 2131099723;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004C
			public const int cardview_default_elevation = 2131099724;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004D
			public const int cardview_default_radius = 2131099725;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004E
			public const int compat_button_inset_horizontal_material = 2131099726;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06004F
			public const int compat_button_inset_vertical_material = 2131099727;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060050
			public const int compat_button_padding_horizontal_material = 2131099728;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060051
			public const int compat_button_padding_vertical_material = 2131099729;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060052
			public const int compat_control_corner_material = 2131099730;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060053
			public const int compat_notification_large_icon_max_height = 2131099731;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060054
			public const int compat_notification_large_icon_max_width = 2131099732;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060055
			public const int design_appbar_elevation = 2131099733;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060056
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_active_item_max_width = 2131099734;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060057
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_active_item_min_width = 2131099735;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060058
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_active_text_size = 2131099736;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060059
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_elevation = 2131099737;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005A
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_height = 2131099738;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005B
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_icon_size = 2131099739;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005C
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_item_max_width = 2131099740;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005D
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_item_min_width = 2131099741;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005E
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_margin = 2131099742;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06005F
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_shadow_height = 2131099743;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060060
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_text_size = 2131099744;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060061
			public const int design_bottom_sheet_modal_elevation = 2131099745;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060062
			public const int design_bottom_sheet_peek_height_min = 2131099746;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060063
			public const int design_fab_border_width = 2131099747;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060064
			public const int design_fab_elevation = 2131099748;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060065
			public const int design_fab_image_size = 2131099749;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060066
			public const int design_fab_size_mini = 2131099750;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060067
			public const int design_fab_size_normal = 2131099751;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060068
			public const int design_fab_translation_z_hovered_focused = 2131099752;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060069
			public const int design_fab_translation_z_pressed = 2131099753;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006A
			public const int design_navigation_elevation = 2131099754;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006B
			public const int design_navigation_icon_padding = 2131099755;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006C
			public const int design_navigation_icon_size = 2131099756;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006D
			public const int design_navigation_item_horizontal_padding = 2131099757;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006E
			public const int design_navigation_item_icon_padding = 2131099758;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06006F
			public const int design_navigation_max_width = 2131099759;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060070
			public const int design_navigation_padding_bottom = 2131099760;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060071
			public const int design_navigation_separator_vertical_padding = 2131099761;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060072
			public const int design_snackbar_action_inline_max_width = 2131099762;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060073
			public const int design_snackbar_background_corner_radius = 2131099763;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060074
			public const int design_snackbar_elevation = 2131099764;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060075
			public const int design_snackbar_extra_spacing_horizontal = 2131099765;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060076
			public const int design_snackbar_max_width = 2131099766;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060077
			public const int design_snackbar_min_width = 2131099767;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060078
			public const int design_snackbar_padding_horizontal = 2131099768;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060079
			public const int design_snackbar_padding_vertical = 2131099769;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007A
			public const int design_snackbar_padding_vertical_2lines = 2131099770;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007B
			public const int design_snackbar_text_size = 2131099771;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007C
			public const int design_tab_max_width = 2131099772;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007D
			public const int design_tab_scrollable_min_width = 2131099773;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007E
			public const int design_tab_text_size = 2131099774;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06007F
			public const int design_tab_text_size_2line = 2131099775;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060080
			public const int design_textinput_caption_translate_y = 2131099776;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060081
			public const int disabled_alpha_material_dark = 2131099777;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060082
			public const int disabled_alpha_material_light = 2131099778;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060083
			public const int fastscroll_default_thickness = 2131099779;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060084
			public const int fastscroll_margin = 2131099780;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060085
			public const int fastscroll_minimum_range = 2131099781;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060086
			public const int highlight_alpha_material_colored = 2131099782;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060087
			public const int highlight_alpha_material_dark = 2131099783;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060088
			public const int highlight_alpha_material_light = 2131099784;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060089
			public const int hint_alpha_material_dark = 2131099785;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008A
			public const int hint_alpha_material_light = 2131099786;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008B
			public const int hint_pressed_alpha_material_dark = 2131099787;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008C
			public const int hint_pressed_alpha_material_light = 2131099788;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008D
			public const int item_touch_helper_max_drag_scroll_per_frame = 2131099789;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008E
			public const int item_touch_helper_swipe_escape_max_velocity = 2131099790;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06008F
			public const int item_touch_helper_swipe_escape_velocity = 2131099791;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060090
			public const int mtrl_bottomappbar_fabOffsetEndMode = 2131099792;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060091
			public const int mtrl_bottomappbar_fab_cradle_margin = 2131099793;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060092
			public const int mtrl_bottomappbar_fab_cradle_rounded_corner_radius = 2131099794;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060093
			public const int mtrl_bottomappbar_fab_cradle_vertical_offset = 2131099795;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060094
			public const int mtrl_bottomappbar_height = 2131099796;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060095
			public const int mtrl_btn_corner_radius = 2131099797;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060096
			public const int mtrl_btn_dialog_btn_min_width = 2131099798;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060097
			public const int mtrl_btn_disabled_elevation = 2131099799;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060098
			public const int mtrl_btn_disabled_z = 2131099800;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F060099
			public const int mtrl_btn_elevation = 2131099801;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009A
			public const int mtrl_btn_focused_z = 2131099802;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009B
			public const int mtrl_btn_hovered_z = 2131099803;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009C
			public const int mtrl_btn_icon_btn_padding_left = 2131099804;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009D
			public const int mtrl_btn_icon_padding = 2131099805;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009E
			public const int mtrl_btn_inset = 2131099806;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F06009F
			public const int mtrl_btn_letter_spacing = 2131099807;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A0
			public const int mtrl_btn_padding_bottom = 2131099808;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A1
			public const int mtrl_btn_padding_left = 2131099809;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A2
			public const int mtrl_btn_padding_right = 2131099810;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A3
			public const int mtrl_btn_padding_top = 2131099811;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A4
			public const int mtrl_btn_pressed_z = 2131099812;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A5
			public const int mtrl_btn_stroke_size = 2131099813;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A6
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_btn_icon_padding = 2131099814;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A7
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_btn_padding_left = 2131099815;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A8
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_btn_padding_right = 2131099816;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600A9
			public const int mtrl_btn_text_size = 2131099817;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AA
			public const int mtrl_btn_z = 2131099818;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AB
			public const int mtrl_card_elevation = 2131099819;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AC
			public const int mtrl_card_spacing = 2131099820;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AD
			public const int mtrl_chip_pressed_translation_z = 2131099821;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AE
			public const int mtrl_chip_text_size = 2131099822;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600AF
			public const int mtrl_fab_elevation = 2131099823;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B0
			public const int mtrl_fab_translation_z_hovered_focused = 2131099824;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B1
			public const int mtrl_fab_translation_z_pressed = 2131099825;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B2
			public const int mtrl_navigation_elevation = 2131099826;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B3
			public const int mtrl_navigation_item_horizontal_padding = 2131099827;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B4
			public const int mtrl_navigation_item_icon_padding = 2131099828;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B5
			public const int mtrl_snackbar_background_corner_radius = 2131099829;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B6
			public const int mtrl_snackbar_margin = 2131099830;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B7
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_bottom_offset = 2131099831;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B8
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_corner_radius_medium = 2131099832;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600B9
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_corner_radius_small = 2131099833;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BA
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_label_cutout_padding = 2131099834;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BB
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_padding_end = 2131099835;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BC
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_stroke_width_default = 2131099836;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BD
			public const int mtrl_textinput_box_stroke_width_focused = 2131099837;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BE
			public const int mtrl_textinput_outline_box_expanded_padding = 2131099838;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600BF
			public const int mtrl_toolbar_default_height = 2131099839;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C0
			public const int notification_action_icon_size = 2131099840;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C1
			public const int notification_action_text_size = 2131099841;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C2
			public const int notification_big_circle_margin = 2131099842;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C3
			public const int notification_content_margin_start = 2131099843;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C4
			public const int notification_large_icon_height = 2131099844;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C5
			public const int notification_large_icon_width = 2131099845;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C6
			public const int notification_main_column_padding_top = 2131099846;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C7
			public const int notification_media_narrow_margin = 2131099847;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C8
			public const int notification_right_icon_size = 2131099848;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600C9
			public const int notification_right_side_padding_top = 2131099849;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CA
			public const int notification_small_icon_background_padding = 2131099850;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CB
			public const int notification_small_icon_size_as_large = 2131099851;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CC
			public const int notification_subtext_size = 2131099852;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CD
			public const int notification_top_pad = 2131099853;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CE
			public const int notification_top_pad_large_text = 2131099854;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600CF
			public const int tooltip_corner_radius = 2131099855;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D0
			public const int tooltip_horizontal_padding = 2131099856;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D1
			public const int tooltip_margin = 2131099857;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D2
			public const int tooltip_precise_anchor_extra_offset = 2131099858;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D3
			public const int tooltip_precise_anchor_threshold = 2131099859;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D4
			public const int tooltip_vertical_padding = 2131099860;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D5
			public const int tooltip_y_offset_non_touch = 2131099861;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0600D6
			public const int tooltip_y_offset_touch = 2131099862;
			static Dimension()
			private Dimension()
		public partial class Drawable
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070006
			public const int abc_ab_share_pack_mtrl_alpha = 2131165190;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070007
			public const int abc_action_bar_item_background_material = 2131165191;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070008
			public const int abc_btn_borderless_material = 2131165192;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070009
			public const int abc_btn_check_material = 2131165193;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000A
			public const int abc_btn_check_to_on_mtrl_000 = 2131165194;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000B
			public const int abc_btn_check_to_on_mtrl_015 = 2131165195;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000C
			public const int abc_btn_colored_material = 2131165196;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000D
			public const int abc_btn_default_mtrl_shape = 2131165197;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000E
			public const int abc_btn_radio_material = 2131165198;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07000F
			public const int abc_btn_radio_to_on_mtrl_000 = 2131165199;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070010
			public const int abc_btn_radio_to_on_mtrl_015 = 2131165200;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070011
			public const int abc_btn_switch_to_on_mtrl_00001 = 2131165201;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070012
			public const int abc_btn_switch_to_on_mtrl_00012 = 2131165202;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070013
			public const int abc_cab_background_internal_bg = 2131165203;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070014
			public const int abc_cab_background_top_material = 2131165204;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070015
			public const int abc_cab_background_top_mtrl_alpha = 2131165205;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070016
			public const int abc_control_background_material = 2131165206;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070017
			public const int abc_dialog_material_background = 2131165207;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070018
			public const int abc_edit_text_material = 2131165208;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070019
			public const int abc_ic_ab_back_material = 2131165209;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001A
			public const int abc_ic_arrow_drop_right_black_24dp = 2131165210;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001B
			public const int abc_ic_clear_material = 2131165211;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001C
			public const int abc_ic_commit_search_api_mtrl_alpha = 2131165212;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001D
			public const int abc_ic_go_search_api_material = 2131165213;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001E
			public const int abc_ic_menu_copy_mtrl_am_alpha = 2131165214;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07001F
			public const int abc_ic_menu_cut_mtrl_alpha = 2131165215;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070020
			public const int abc_ic_menu_overflow_material = 2131165216;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070021
			public const int abc_ic_menu_paste_mtrl_am_alpha = 2131165217;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070022
			public const int abc_ic_menu_selectall_mtrl_alpha = 2131165218;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070023
			public const int abc_ic_menu_share_mtrl_alpha = 2131165219;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070024
			public const int abc_ic_search_api_material = 2131165220;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070025
			public const int abc_ic_star_black_16dp = 2131165221;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070026
			public const int abc_ic_star_black_36dp = 2131165222;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070027
			public const int abc_ic_star_black_48dp = 2131165223;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070028
			public const int abc_ic_star_half_black_16dp = 2131165224;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070029
			public const int abc_ic_star_half_black_36dp = 2131165225;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002A
			public const int abc_ic_star_half_black_48dp = 2131165226;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002B
			public const int abc_ic_voice_search_api_material = 2131165227;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002C
			public const int abc_item_background_holo_dark = 2131165228;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002D
			public const int abc_item_background_holo_light = 2131165229;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002E
			public const int abc_list_divider_material = 2131165230;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07002F
			public const int abc_list_divider_mtrl_alpha = 2131165231;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070030
			public const int abc_list_focused_holo = 2131165232;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070031
			public const int abc_list_longpressed_holo = 2131165233;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070032
			public const int abc_list_pressed_holo_dark = 2131165234;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070033
			public const int abc_list_pressed_holo_light = 2131165235;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070034
			public const int abc_list_selector_background_transition_holo_dark = 2131165236;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070035
			public const int abc_list_selector_background_transition_holo_light = 2131165237;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070036
			public const int abc_list_selector_disabled_holo_dark = 2131165238;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070037
			public const int abc_list_selector_disabled_holo_light = 2131165239;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070038
			public const int abc_list_selector_holo_dark = 2131165240;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070039
			public const int abc_list_selector_holo_light = 2131165241;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003A
			public const int abc_menu_hardkey_panel_mtrl_mult = 2131165242;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003B
			public const int abc_popup_background_mtrl_mult = 2131165243;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003C
			public const int abc_ratingbar_indicator_material = 2131165244;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003D
			public const int abc_ratingbar_material = 2131165245;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003E
			public const int abc_ratingbar_small_material = 2131165246;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07003F
			public const int abc_scrubber_control_off_mtrl_alpha = 2131165247;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070040
			public const int abc_scrubber_control_to_pressed_mtrl_000 = 2131165248;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070041
			public const int abc_scrubber_control_to_pressed_mtrl_005 = 2131165249;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070042
			public const int abc_scrubber_primary_mtrl_alpha = 2131165250;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070043
			public const int abc_scrubber_track_mtrl_alpha = 2131165251;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070044
			public const int abc_seekbar_thumb_material = 2131165252;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070045
			public const int abc_seekbar_tick_mark_material = 2131165253;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070046
			public const int abc_seekbar_track_material = 2131165254;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070047
			public const int abc_spinner_mtrl_am_alpha = 2131165255;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070048
			public const int abc_spinner_textfield_background_material = 2131165256;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070049
			public const int abc_switch_thumb_material = 2131165257;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004A
			public const int abc_switch_track_mtrl_alpha = 2131165258;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004B
			public const int abc_tab_indicator_material = 2131165259;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004C
			public const int abc_tab_indicator_mtrl_alpha = 2131165260;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070054
			public const int abc_textfield_activated_mtrl_alpha = 2131165268;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070055
			public const int abc_textfield_default_mtrl_alpha = 2131165269;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070056
			public const int abc_textfield_search_activated_mtrl_alpha = 2131165270;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070057
			public const int abc_textfield_search_default_mtrl_alpha = 2131165271;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070058
			public const int abc_textfield_search_material = 2131165272;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004D
			public const int abc_text_cursor_material = 2131165261;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004E
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_left_mtrl_dark = 2131165262;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07004F
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_left_mtrl_light = 2131165263;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070050
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_middle_mtrl_dark = 2131165264;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070051
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_middle_mtrl_light = 2131165265;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070052
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_right_mtrl_dark = 2131165266;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070053
			public const int abc_text_select_handle_right_mtrl_light = 2131165267;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070059
			public const int abc_vector_test = 2131165273;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005A
			public const int avd_hide_password = 2131165274;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005B
			public const int avd_show_password = 2131165275;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005C
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_item_background = 2131165276;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005D
			public const int design_fab_background = 2131165277;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005E
			public const int design_ic_visibility = 2131165278;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07005F
			public const int design_ic_visibility_off = 2131165279;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070060
			public const int design_password_eye = 2131165280;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070061
			public const int design_snackbar_background = 2131165281;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070062
			public const int ic_mtrl_chip_checked_black = 2131165282;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070063
			public const int ic_mtrl_chip_checked_circle = 2131165283;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070064
			public const int ic_mtrl_chip_close_circle = 2131165284;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070065
			public const int mtrl_snackbar_background = 2131165285;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070066
			public const int mtrl_tabs_default_indicator = 2131165286;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070067
			public const int navigation_empty_icon = 2131165287;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070068
			public const int notification_action_background = 2131165288;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070069
			public const int notification_bg = 2131165289;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006A
			public const int notification_bg_low = 2131165290;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006B
			public const int notification_bg_low_normal = 2131165291;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006C
			public const int notification_bg_low_pressed = 2131165292;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006D
			public const int notification_bg_normal = 2131165293;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006E
			public const int notification_bg_normal_pressed = 2131165294;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F07006F
			public const int notification_icon_background = 2131165295;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070070
			public const int notification_template_icon_bg = 2131165296;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070071
			public const int notification_template_icon_low_bg = 2131165297;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070072
			public const int notification_tile_bg = 2131165298;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070073
			public const int notify_panel_notification_icon_bg = 2131165299;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070074
			public const int tooltip_frame_dark = 2131165300;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F070075
			public const int tooltip_frame_light = 2131165301;
			static Drawable()
			private Drawable()
		public partial class Id
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080017
			public const int actions = 2131230743;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080006
			public const int action_bar = 2131230726;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080007
			public const int action_bar_activity_content = 2131230727;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080008
			public const int action_bar_container = 2131230728;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080009
			public const int action_bar_root = 2131230729;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000A
			public const int action_bar_spinner = 2131230730;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000B
			public const int action_bar_subtitle = 2131230731;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000C
			public const int action_bar_title = 2131230732;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000D
			public const int action_container = 2131230733;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000E
			public const int action_context_bar = 2131230734;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08000F
			public const int action_divider = 2131230735;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080010
			public const int action_image = 2131230736;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080011
			public const int action_menu_divider = 2131230737;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080012
			public const int action_menu_presenter = 2131230738;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080013
			public const int action_mode_bar = 2131230739;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080014
			public const int action_mode_bar_stub = 2131230740;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080015
			public const int action_mode_close_button = 2131230741;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080016
			public const int action_text = 2131230742;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080018
			public const int activity_chooser_view_content = 2131230744;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080019
			public const int add = 2131230745;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001A
			public const int alertTitle = 2131230746;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001B
			public const int all = 2131230747;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080000
			public const int ALT = 2131230720;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001C
			public const int always = 2131230748;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001D
			public const int async = 2131230749;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001E
			public const int auto = 2131230750;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08001F
			public const int beginning = 2131230751;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080020
			public const int blocking = 2131230752;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080021
			public const int bottom = 2131230753;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080022
			public const int buttonPanel = 2131230754;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080023
			public const int center = 2131230755;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080024
			public const int center_horizontal = 2131230756;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080025
			public const int center_vertical = 2131230757;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080026
			public const int checkbox = 2131230758;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080027
			public const int chronometer = 2131230759;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080028
			public const int clip_horizontal = 2131230760;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080029
			public const int clip_vertical = 2131230761;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002A
			public const int collapseActionView = 2131230762;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002B
			public const int container = 2131230763;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002C
			public const int content = 2131230764;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002D
			public const int contentPanel = 2131230765;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002E
			public const int coordinator = 2131230766;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080001
			public const int CTRL = 2131230721;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08002F
			public const int custom = 2131230767;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080030
			public const int customPanel = 2131230768;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080031
			public const int decor_content_parent = 2131230769;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080032
			public const int default_activity_button = 2131230770;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080033
			public const int design_bottom_sheet = 2131230771;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080034
			public const int design_menu_item_action_area = 2131230772;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080035
			public const int design_menu_item_action_area_stub = 2131230773;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080036
			public const int design_menu_item_text = 2131230774;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080037
			public const int design_navigation_view = 2131230775;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080038
			public const int disableHome = 2131230776;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080039
			public const int edit_query = 2131230777;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003A
			public const int end = 2131230778;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003B
			public const int enterAlways = 2131230779;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003C
			public const int enterAlwaysCollapsed = 2131230780;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003D
			public const int exitUntilCollapsed = 2131230781;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003F
			public const int expanded_menu = 2131230783;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08003E
			public const int expand_activities_button = 2131230782;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080040
			public const int fill = 2131230784;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080043
			public const int filled = 2131230787;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080041
			public const int fill_horizontal = 2131230785;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080042
			public const int fill_vertical = 2131230786;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080044
			public const int @fixed = 2131230788;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080045
			public const int forever = 2131230789;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080002
			public const int FUNCTION = 2131230722;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080046
			public const int ghost_view = 2131230790;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080047
			public const int group_divider = 2131230791;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080048
			public const int home = 2131230792;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080049
			public const int homeAsUp = 2131230793;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004A
			public const int icon = 2131230794;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004B
			public const int icon_group = 2131230795;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004C
			public const int ifRoom = 2131230796;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004D
			public const int image = 2131230797;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004E
			public const int info = 2131230798;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08004F
			public const int italic = 2131230799;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080050
			public const int item_touch_helper_previous_elevation = 2131230800;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080051
			public const int labeled = 2131230801;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080052
			public const int largeLabel = 2131230802;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080053
			public const int left = 2131230803;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080054
			public const int line1 = 2131230804;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080055
			public const int line3 = 2131230805;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080056
			public const int listMode = 2131230806;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080057
			public const int list_item = 2131230807;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080058
			public const int masked = 2131230808;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080059
			public const int message = 2131230809;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080003
			public const int META = 2131230723;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005A
			public const int middle = 2131230810;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005B
			public const int mini = 2131230811;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005C
			public const int mtrl_child_content_container = 2131230812;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005D
			public const int mtrl_internal_children_alpha_tag = 2131230813;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005E
			public const int multiply = 2131230814;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08005F
			public const int navigation_header_container = 2131230815;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080060
			public const int never = 2131230816;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080061
			public const int none = 2131230817;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080062
			public const int normal = 2131230818;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080063
			public const int notification_background = 2131230819;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080064
			public const int notification_main_column = 2131230820;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080065
			public const int notification_main_column_container = 2131230821;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080066
			public const int outline = 2131230822;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080067
			public const int parallax = 2131230823;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080068
			public const int parentPanel = 2131230824;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080069
			public const int parent_matrix = 2131230825;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006A
			public const int pin = 2131230826;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006B
			public const int progress_circular = 2131230827;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006C
			public const int progress_horizontal = 2131230828;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006D
			public const int radio = 2131230829;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006E
			public const int right = 2131230830;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08006F
			public const int right_icon = 2131230831;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080070
			public const int right_side = 2131230832;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080071
			public const int save_image_matrix = 2131230833;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080072
			public const int save_non_transition_alpha = 2131230834;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080073
			public const int save_scale_type = 2131230835;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080074
			public const int screen = 2131230836;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080075
			public const int scroll = 2131230837;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080079
			public const int scrollable = 2131230841;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080076
			public const int scrollIndicatorDown = 2131230838;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080077
			public const int scrollIndicatorUp = 2131230839;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080078
			public const int scrollView = 2131230840;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007A
			public const int search_badge = 2131230842;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007B
			public const int search_bar = 2131230843;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007C
			public const int search_button = 2131230844;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007D
			public const int search_close_btn = 2131230845;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007E
			public const int search_edit_frame = 2131230846;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08007F
			public const int search_go_btn = 2131230847;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080080
			public const int search_mag_icon = 2131230848;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080081
			public const int search_plate = 2131230849;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080082
			public const int search_src_text = 2131230850;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080083
			public const int search_voice_btn = 2131230851;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080085
			public const int selected = 2131230853;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080084
			public const int select_dialog_listview = 2131230852;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080004
			public const int SHIFT = 2131230724;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080086
			public const int shortcut = 2131230854;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080087
			public const int showCustom = 2131230855;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080088
			public const int showHome = 2131230856;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080089
			public const int showTitle = 2131230857;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008A
			public const int smallLabel = 2131230858;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008B
			public const int snackbar_action = 2131230859;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008C
			public const int snackbar_text = 2131230860;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008D
			public const int snap = 2131230861;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008E
			public const int snapMargins = 2131230862;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08008F
			public const int spacer = 2131230863;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080090
			public const int split_action_bar = 2131230864;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080091
			public const int src_atop = 2131230865;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080092
			public const int src_in = 2131230866;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080093
			public const int src_over = 2131230867;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080094
			public const int start = 2131230868;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080095
			public const int stretch = 2131230869;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080096
			public const int submenuarrow = 2131230870;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080097
			public const int submit_area = 2131230871;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080005
			public const int SYM = 2131230725;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080098
			public const int tabMode = 2131230872;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F080099
			public const int tag_transition_group = 2131230873;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009A
			public const int tag_unhandled_key_event_manager = 2131230874;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009B
			public const int tag_unhandled_key_listeners = 2131230875;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009C
			public const int text = 2131230876;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009D
			public const int text2 = 2131230877;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A2
			public const int textinput_counter = 2131230882;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A3
			public const int textinput_error = 2131230883;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A4
			public const int textinput_helper_text = 2131230884;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009E
			public const int textSpacerNoButtons = 2131230878;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F08009F
			public const int textSpacerNoTitle = 2131230879;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A0
			public const int textStart = 2131230880;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A1
			public const int text_input_password_toggle = 2131230881;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A5
			public const int time = 2131230885;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A6
			public const int title = 2131230886;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A7
			public const int titleDividerNoCustom = 2131230887;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A8
			public const int title_template = 2131230888;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800A9
			public const int top = 2131230889;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AA
			public const int topPanel = 2131230890;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AB
			public const int touch_outside = 2131230891;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AC
			public const int transition_current_scene = 2131230892;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AD
			public const int transition_layout_save = 2131230893;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AE
			public const int transition_position = 2131230894;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800AF
			public const int transition_scene_layoutid_cache = 2131230895;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B0
			public const int transition_transform = 2131230896;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B1
			public const int uniform = 2131230897;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B2
			public const int unlabeled = 2131230898;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B3
			public const int up = 2131230899;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B4
			public const int useLogo = 2131230900;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B5
			public const int view_offset_helper = 2131230901;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B6
			public const int visible = 2131230902;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B7
			public const int withText = 2131230903;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0800B8
			public const int wrap_content = 2131230904;
			static Id()
			private Id()
		public partial class Integer
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090000
			public const int abc_config_activityDefaultDur = 2131296256;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090001
			public const int abc_config_activityShortDur = 2131296257;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090002
			public const int app_bar_elevation_anim_duration = 2131296258;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090003
			public const int bottom_sheet_slide_duration = 2131296259;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090004
			public const int cancel_button_image_alpha = 2131296260;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090005
			public const int config_tooltipAnimTime = 2131296261;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090006
			public const int design_snackbar_text_max_lines = 2131296262;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090007
			public const int design_tab_indicator_anim_duration_ms = 2131296263;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090008
			public const int hide_password_duration = 2131296264;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F090009
			public const int mtrl_btn_anim_delay_ms = 2131296265;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F09000A
			public const int mtrl_btn_anim_duration_ms = 2131296266;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F09000B
			public const int mtrl_chip_anim_duration = 2131296267;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F09000C
			public const int mtrl_tab_indicator_anim_duration_ms = 2131296268;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F09000D
			public const int show_password_duration = 2131296269;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F09000E
			public const int status_bar_notification_info_maxnum = 2131296270;
			static Integer()
			private Integer()
		public partial class Interpolator
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0A0000
			public const int mtrl_fast_out_linear_in = 2131361792;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0A0001
			public const int mtrl_fast_out_slow_in = 2131361793;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0A0002
			public const int mtrl_linear = 2131361794;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0A0003
			public const int mtrl_linear_out_slow_in = 2131361795;
			static Interpolator()
			private Interpolator()
		public partial class Layout
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0000
			public const int abc_action_bar_title_item = 2131427328;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0001
			public const int abc_action_bar_up_container = 2131427329;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0002
			public const int abc_action_menu_item_layout = 2131427330;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0003
			public const int abc_action_menu_layout = 2131427331;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0004
			public const int abc_action_mode_bar = 2131427332;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0005
			public const int abc_action_mode_close_item_material = 2131427333;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0006
			public const int abc_activity_chooser_view = 2131427334;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0007
			public const int abc_activity_chooser_view_list_item = 2131427335;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0008
			public const int abc_alert_dialog_button_bar_material = 2131427336;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0009
			public const int abc_alert_dialog_material = 2131427337;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000A
			public const int abc_alert_dialog_title_material = 2131427338;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000B
			public const int abc_cascading_menu_item_layout = 2131427339;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000C
			public const int abc_dialog_title_material = 2131427340;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000D
			public const int abc_expanded_menu_layout = 2131427341;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000E
			public const int abc_list_menu_item_checkbox = 2131427342;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B000F
			public const int abc_list_menu_item_icon = 2131427343;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0010
			public const int abc_list_menu_item_layout = 2131427344;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0011
			public const int abc_list_menu_item_radio = 2131427345;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0012
			public const int abc_popup_menu_header_item_layout = 2131427346;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0013
			public const int abc_popup_menu_item_layout = 2131427347;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0014
			public const int abc_screen_content_include = 2131427348;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0015
			public const int abc_screen_simple = 2131427349;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0016
			public const int abc_screen_simple_overlay_action_mode = 2131427350;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0017
			public const int abc_screen_toolbar = 2131427351;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0018
			public const int abc_search_dropdown_item_icons_2line = 2131427352;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0019
			public const int abc_search_view = 2131427353;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001A
			public const int abc_select_dialog_material = 2131427354;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001B
			public const int abc_tooltip = 2131427355;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001C
			public const int activity_main = 2131427356;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001D
			public const int design_bottom_navigation_item = 2131427357;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001E
			public const int design_bottom_sheet_dialog = 2131427358;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B001F
			public const int design_layout_snackbar = 2131427359;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0020
			public const int design_layout_snackbar_include = 2131427360;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0021
			public const int design_layout_tab_icon = 2131427361;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0022
			public const int design_layout_tab_text = 2131427362;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0023
			public const int design_menu_item_action_area = 2131427363;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0024
			public const int design_navigation_item = 2131427364;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0025
			public const int design_navigation_item_header = 2131427365;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0026
			public const int design_navigation_item_separator = 2131427366;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0027
			public const int design_navigation_item_subheader = 2131427367;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0028
			public const int design_navigation_menu = 2131427368;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0029
			public const int design_navigation_menu_item = 2131427369;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002A
			public const int design_text_input_password_icon = 2131427370;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002B
			public const int mtrl_layout_snackbar = 2131427371;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002C
			public const int mtrl_layout_snackbar_include = 2131427372;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002D
			public const int notification_action = 2131427373;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002E
			public const int notification_action_tombstone = 2131427374;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B002F
			public const int notification_template_custom_big = 2131427375;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0030
			public const int notification_template_icon_group = 2131427376;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0031
			public const int notification_template_part_chronometer = 2131427377;
			// aapt resource value: 0x7F0B0032
			public const int notification_template_part_time = 2131427378;