uxn debugging suite and file format
uxnsolve: support version 2
specify that a space character separates number and label
version 2: lines may also contain a label



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This is a suite of tools for use in debugging uxn programs.


This is a modified version of uxnasm which operates exactly the same way, but also generates a debug info file when run with the -g flag. The format of this file is documented in the uxndebug(5) manpage.


This program finds and highlights the faulty opcode by parsing a debug info file.


First, to compile uxndebug, run


Then compile your program:

./uxndebug -g test.tal test.rom

This will generate a file test.tal.debug in addition to the rom.

Suppose you now run test.rom with your emulator of choice, and some error occurs. Hopefully your emulator gives you an error message and a byte offset of the address at which the error was encountered. For example, uxnemu might say:

Loaded test.rom
<wst> empty
<rst> empty
Halted: Working-stack underflow#0002, at 0x01b3
Boot: Failed to start rom.
Boot: Failed to boot.

In this case, the faulty opcode had a value of #0002 and was at address 0x01b3. So to find out which word in your source file this corresponds to, run

./uxnsolve test.tal.debug 01b3

The first argument is the path to the debug file. Don't move it or rename it, it depends on being the same as the name of the source file but with .debug appended.

The second argument is the byte address. Don't subtract the 0x0100 padding of the zero-page, uxnsolve does that for you.

That command will print the line number, along with the line and the specific opcode in a bold red font. The output might look like this:

line 289:  DUP #04 SFT ,print-nibble-hex JSR

(in this example the red font has been removed).

Remember to regenerate the debug info after changing your source code, otherwise it won't make sense. uxnsolve will print a big WARNING if it notices that your source file is newer than the debug info.


Some ideas for applications using this debug info.

  • An emulator which can step through source code instructions word by word on a button press, highlighting the current position in another window.