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An emulator for the Uxn stack-machine, written in ANSI C.


This emulator's system device supports changing a stack's location to a page of memory. The default memory mapping is as follows:

  • 0000-ffff, as RAM.
  • 10000-100ff, as working stack.
  • 10100-101ff, as return stack.

To use the last page of ram(0xff00) to host the working stack:

#ff .System/wst DEO

The stack mapping is 254 bytes of data, a byte for the pointer and a byte for an error code.


All you need is X11.

gcc src/uxn.c src/devices/system.c src/devices/screen.c src/devices/controller.c src/devices/mouse.c src/devices/file.c src/devices/datetime.c src/uxn11.c -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L -DNDEBUG -Os -g0 -s -o bin/uxn11 -lX11


If you wish to build the emulator without graphics mode:

cc src/devices/datetime.c src/devices/system.c src/devices/file.c src/uxn.c -DNDEBUG -Os -g0 -s src/uxncli.c -o bin/uxncli


  • 00 system
  • 10 console(partial)
  • 20 screen
  • 30 audio(missing)
  • 70 midi(missing)
  • 80 controller
  • 90 mouse(partial)
  • a0 file
  • c0 datetime


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