Remote control switches (433MHz) for home automation
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Use your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Linux system (this repo!) to operate remote radio controlled devices

rc-switch is listed in the arduino library manager.

#Wiki (for non-Linux)



#Send RC codes

Use your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Linux box to operate remote radio controlled devices. This will most likely work with all popular low cost power outlet sockets. If yours doesn't work, you might need to adjust the pulse length.

Other than your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Linux box, a 315/433MHz AM transmitter and one or more devices with one of the supported chipsets are needed:

  • SC5262 / SC5272
  • HX2262 / HX2272
  • PT2262 / PT2272
  • EV1527 / RT1527 / FP1527 / HS1527
  • Intertechno outlets
  • HT6P20X

#Receive and decode RC codes

Find out what codes your remote is sending. Use your remote to control your Arduino.

All you need is an Arduino, a 315/433MHz AM receiver (altough there is no instruction yet, yes it is possible to hack an existing device) and a remote hand set.

For the Raspberry Pi, clone the https://github.com/ninjablocks/433Utils project to compile a sniffer tool and transmission commands.