Felixstowe, UK


Retired hacker details available, grandad


Messin' with an RP2040 bare metal


PPPD plugin that provides a DHCPv6 client


Remote control switches (433MHz) for home automation


Home electricity consumption monitoring


DOOM for the #emfcamp TiDAL badge :)


Static site version of www.ashbysoft.com


Java Swing, re-implemented on Wayland


Simple level-based logger with crash dump buffer


Scripts for filtering and reporting on a local host file based DNS sinkhole


Software Defined Radio app in Java for FUNcube dongles and other SoapySDR devices


Swingland based Java applet viewer


Self-executable WAD file containing the DOOM.EXE binary


AKAI DPS-12/16 backup disk audio stripper


Top level binaries page


Advent of Code 2023

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