My mpv configuration.
vp profile uses best resolution


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My mpv configuration.


  • no_vp is the default, it uses all the settings you see described here.
  • vp is also available, it also uses everything except the video codec is set to always use VP9 instead.
  • ballsy uses everything from no_vp, but also tells mpv not to drop frames. Not for those with weak hardware... like me. :(

#Video and Audio Settings

  • Use GPU-accelerated video output by default.
  • Resolution of 1080p or next best, FPS of 60 or next best, NEVER use vp9 codec, always use best audio.
  • Do not resample audio.
  • Audio device set to: alsa/default:CARD=PCH

#Subtitle Settings

  • Use embedded fonts (if available).
  • External subs don't have to match the file name exactly to autoload.
  • Set subtitle language to english.
  • Disable display of subtitles, but still load them if available.
  • Search for subtitles in any sub-directory labeled: ass, srt, sub, subs, or subtitles.

#Cache Settings

  • Cache is enabled.
  • Size of 2GB in total, caches both backwards and forwards.
  • Cache is seekable.

#Screenshot Settings

  • Format: PNG
  • Compression: None
  • Tag colorspace as metadata.
  • Allow high bit-depth screenshots.
  • Save screenshots to /home/valley/pictures/mpv.

#Misc Settings

  • Save position of video automatically.
  • Disable screensaver during media playback.
  • Log mpv to /home/valley/.config/mpv/mpv.log.
  • Automatically prefetch/buffer files later in the playlist.


I claim none of these scripts.

  • acompressor: Disabled by default, it is used to make the volume more tolerable for certain media that loves to have quiet talking and booming sound effects. Press [n] to toggle.
  • ytdl_hook: Enabled by default, it prefetches/buffers youtube videos later in the playlist.


Everything was left default, except for a few that were added:

  • 0x21ff73: This is an extra button on the left-hand side of my mouse, below the MBTN_{FORWARD,BACK} buttons. This quits while saving the current position of the video to watch later. This is not needed since I already have mpv confugured to save the position by default.
  • MBTN_FORWARD: This is an extra button on the left-hand side of my mouse. Pressing it skips forward by 60 seconds.
  • MBTN_BACK: This is an extra button on the left-hand side of my mouse. Pressing it skips backward by 60 seconds.
  • MBTN_MID: This is an extra button behind the mouse wheel. Pressing it takes a screenshot.
  • F1: Toggles subtitle visibilty. Not needed since this already has a default keybinding of v, but by the time I knew that I had already gotten used to pressing F1.