I'm a Linux enthusiast who also programs for fun. I'm also a privacy activist, to a fault really.


A WIP CLI for https://lobster.rs.


A random character generator for The Elder Scrolls.


A WIP CLI for sourcehut, using it's official API.


Phate's Package Manager, a binary package manger (planned to be hybrid) written in Rust.


A discord bot written in Rust.


This is a WIP Discord Rich Presence utility for The Elder Scrolls games.


A shell script to scrape lyrics from bandcamp using current music from mpd as the query.


A program written in pure Rust to query music info from mpd and display it in a notification.


A program written in Rust which outputs a single line of output with music info from mpd.


A WIP major mode for sxhkd's config file because I couldn't find one for it.


A controller for mpv, requires ipc to be enabled in mpv.


A GUI (gtk-rs) application for viewing music info and controlling MPD.


mpc, but implemented in Rust.


Neofetch alternative in Rust.


A cli frontend to emerge, plus some extra features. Written in Rust.

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