A very simple static-site generator using multimarkdown and make(1)
Document basic usage in the README
Change keyword property from "tags" to "keywords"
Order TOC by date, make keywords #-linkable.


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Makeweb is a very simple static-site generator.  Its only dependencies are
multimarkdown[1], scp (to upload to the target server) and a POSIX system to
run on.

It generates bare-bones web pages based on markdown input, adding two special

 - contents.html -- a list of all pages (see TOC variable below);
 - keywords.html -- a keyword index (see INDEX variable below).


To build a site, put your markdown files in a subdirectory ('_posts' by
default) and run make(1):

	$ make web

You can use the following variables to overwrite makeweb defaults:

 - TOC		- name of the Table of Contents file;
 - INDEX	- name of the Keyword Index file;
 - POSTS	- where to find the markdown files;
 - BUILD_DIR	- where the HTML output should be saved;
 - MMD		- path of the multimarkdown program, if not found in $PATH.
 - CUSTOM_CONFIG - path of an additional Makefile to include.

To customise presentation of the pages generated by multimarkdown, use the
`css:' property in the front matter to provide location of the CSS sheet.


To include some files not processed by makeweb in ${BUILD_DIR} (for easier
distribution), you can add custom definitions.  For example, to include a CSS
file you can save following definitions in custom.mk:

	web: copy-css

		cp s.css ${BUILD_DIR}/

and then just run:

	$ make CUSTOM_CONFIG=custom.mk

Make will figure out additional dependencies and include the CSS in the output
directory.  This method can also be used to change variables like TOC, INDEX,
POSTS and so on.

[1] https://fletcherpenney.net/multimarkdown/