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#Neil - your life score

Name is again from the Good Place series after Neil the manager in Accounting office who calculates the life score.

This is my attempt to create an application for my time tracker needs.

Right now all the code is alpha quality, so anything could break anytime.


Simply clone this repository. In it run: jpm -l deps to install all the dependencies into local tree. After dependencies are installed you should build the executables with:

jpm -l build.

When executables are build you need to initialize data store with:

build/neilservice init

The default configuration is in the conf.jdn file which is the part of the repository.


After installation and initialization run:

build/neiloffice -e dev

to start the server in dev environment. Then head to http://localhost:6660 (given you have not changed it in conf.jdn) in your browser to check the running application.

Part of the package is RPC CLI client. When office is running, try it by runnning:



Simply run janet files localy with jpm:

jpm -l janet neil/office.janet -e dev

Server is not self-reloading (yet) on code changes. So entr or something simillar is a good idea.