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#Neil - your life score accountant manager

This is my attempt to create simple cli application for my time tracker needs. It is the idea phase right now.

Name is again from the Good Place series after Neil the manager in Accounting office who calculates the life score.

The code is in the exploration phase of the development. I am still trying to figure out, how to bend this to my needs. But anyway I am using it for tracking my time quite happily.

#Running the Office

Server process which serves as a store and manager is run by the ./neiloffice script. All the code is in the ./neil/init.janet module. Before you can start the office, you need to create the LevelDB store with jpm run createdb. Address for office to bind can be set from command line with host and port parameters to the neiloffice script, or through environmental variable NEIL_URL, it defaults to localhost:6660.

#Communicating with office

Main client program for all the interaction with the office is in the ./neilcomm script. It uses code from the ./neil/tell.janet module. Address for client to request through environmental variable NEIL_URL, it defaults to localhost:6660. This script has dashboard like UI.

The second approach is to run action from ./neil/actions/ module family with janet, eg. janet ./neil/actions/show-current.janet.


You need Janet programming language and LevelDB development files installed. Then just run jpm deps inside cloned repository, to install the dependencies.