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Good Place creator.

CLI tool for creating Good Place projects with Janet language.


Michael need to be installed to work properly. Easiest way is through jpm:

jpm install https://git.sr.ht/~pepe/michael


For now only two commands are implemented.


The first is the help, which needs path to the recipe module. It prints configuration options struct. If redirect the stdout to the file, you have good base for your recipe configuration:

mcl help michael/recipes/project > my-project.jdn

This configuration file can be used later when using Michal for generating new projects.


The second command is generate (abbreviated gen). It also needs the path to the recipe module as the first argument. After running it reads the stdout for config. Please refer to recipe examples at the bottom.


Only two recipes are known to man right now:


/michael/recipes/project which generates empty Janet project with the configuration from example file:

mcl generate michael/recipes/project < examples/project.jdn

/michael/recipes/lesson which generates simple SSG, in following case again from the example configuration file:

mcl gen michael/recipes/lesson < examples/lesson.jdn

After issuing one of the commands above, you should be able to cd to the new project.

#Definitely more to come