Pure Janet store
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Tune image handling


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Simple pure Janet storage solution. Just table ocasionaly marshaled to the disk.



Store object which could be serialized with marshal to the file image. Underlaying storage is based on the Janet table.

You start to use it with stretch and stop with tie. When you call tie Canvas got persisted into Janet image with name given to stretch. When you stretch already existing Canvas it is unmarshaled from the Janet image saved with tie. You can persist image without tying with dry at any time.

Any querying and mutations are done by the Brush.


Object used for operating on the Canvas. To initialize Brush you need to use raise function. Brush has two methods. First is the retrieval method soak which takes path on the Canvas to get the data from. Second is setting method paint which mutates the data on the Canvas. It takes value you want to paint and path to which to put the data. The path for now is the same as for the get-in core function, or function generated by the Eleanor guide.


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