Janet & Kakoune in heaven
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


JaKoune is set of opionated configuration and helper scripts for Kakoune text editor.


Clone this repository and install all Janet dependencties with:

> [sudo] jpm deps

Then install the main binary with:

> [sudo] jpm install

Now you should be able to run jakoune cli.


These helpers are for usage as part of the kakrc.

There are one general command:

  • jakoune git-files session client - piped. Shows chooser from git ls-files and and makes Kakoune edit it in session and client.

And three Janet related ones:

  • jakoune doc selection Prints (doc selection) result to RO buffer and make Kakoune view it.
  • jakoune static-words Prints all bindindings in core Janet env for Kakoune static_words.
  • jakoune janet-files session client - piped. Shows chooser from fd janet and and makes Kakoune edit it in session and client. Depends on fd


You can install custom configuration for Kakoune editor from cli.

jakoune install [config] Installs jakoune.kak file to your configuration directory according to the configuration in config file. If the file is not provided it defaults to conf.jdn file in this repository.


jakoune lint buffile Lints the buffer file and returns any errors or warnings in kakoune lint format.


jakoune format Reads the standard input and prints formated code.


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