fix talkbox typos
disabled tread test for now
added phasor to tests
verbity: initial import
updated compressor docs to include units
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:paulbatchelor/soundpipe
updated biscale/scale to use tangled sndkit files
biscale: replace division with multiply
Merge pull request #2 from grz0zrg/master

sp_fft: undeclared log2 fixes
sp_fft: undeclared log2 fixes

added sp_phasor_reset
re-introduced sp_ftbl_bind, with fixes to go along with it
removed sp_ftbl_init
fft.c no longer generated. reworked to use include statements instead.
reworked phasor to use sndkit phasor
re-enabled phasor test
ftbl_init: only zero out N samples, not N + 1 samples.
updates to docs
don't re-init table in gen_vals
added paulstretch_wavin.

this function allows paulstretch to process a mono wav file
via an externally managed instance of drwav, instead of
using an ftable.