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A convergence of ideas.

Mnolth is the core environment I use for composing computer
music, as well as the multimedia that occasionally
accompanies it.

If you are reading this from a git repository, know that
this is a read-only export of a private Fossil repository.

Written primarily in C, it is a monorepo containing internal
copies of several third-party libraries, many of which are
my own smaller projects being developed externally.

The core design structure mnolth works by building on top
of sndkit. sndkit comes with a LIL scripting language
interface. Using the LIL C API, mnolth is able to add
extensions to the sndkit library.

mnolth comes with a program called mnoscm, which embeds a
version of tinyscheme that can evaluate small chunks of
inline LIL code.

mnolth is designed to be relatively portable and self-contained.
In addition to a typical C development setup with Make,
mnolth depends on libx264.

mnolth uses Ninja (via Samurai) as the build system, coupled
with some scripts with some scripts built in lua. These can
be bootstrapped from source without any third-party
dependencies. See doc/building.org for more information.