A library for generative square kufic calligraphy.
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A kufic pattern generated with Kuf

Kuf is a small library for generating square kufic calligraphy. At it's core is a constraint solver that ensures that tessellations produced are "technically correct" kufic patterns with no violation patterns.

Kufic has two major approaches to creating tessellations: correction and generation. Generation will produce a small pattern (up to 8x8) from scratch. Correction will example a premade tessellation pattern and make changes to it to ensure that it complies with the basic rules of square geometric kufic.

Kuf is written in a literate style using worgle. This must be installed before attempting to build. The kuf project tangles to ANSI C. A standard C compiler with Make is required.

To build the project, run "make". This will build the example program "example", which runs a series of test programs and writes some files in the PBM format. The most interesting of these files is currently "correct2.pbm".

As a literate program, the woven kuf program can also be consumed online at the loom.