reworked sequence example. simpler, less interesting, but more instructive
fixed weight example
added empty value
bugfix: make sure null terminator is added in tokenizer
uxnasm: made union named to be ANSI-C compliant
spaces to tabs for code consistency
uxnasm: in-memory symbol table generation implemented
uxnasm: initial in-memory compiler created. symbol table not yet implemented.
uxnasm: initial buffer reader implemented
uxnasm: introduced initial Reader interface
uxnasm: moved buffering operations to Program struct
refactored uxnasm to not rely on global variables
uxnasm: replaced fscanf word tokenizer with lower-level abstraction using fread
fixes to gate. it seems to work now
initial gate examples
added some subsections
set samplerate in gestvm node
gates: initial code added. untested.
a bit more elaboration on gates in gestvm