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some initial words on gates
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M gestvm.org
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@@ 1222,7 1222,7 @@ gvm->cur = 0;
gvm->nxt = 0;

The method of interpolation is known as behavior.
The method of interpolation is known as a =behavior=.

#+NAME: typedefs

@@ 1557,3 1557,14 @@ static void uxn_inertia(gestvm *gvm, unsigned char val)
    gvm->inertia = i;
* TODO Gates
Gates are signals that have two states: on or off. They
can be very useful timing signals for things like envelope
generators. To make these signals, a few new additions need
to be introduced into the existing GestVM system.

Relative vs absolute gates.

Bypassing the interpolator.

Counter. Needed for asbolute gates.