A gesture sequencer.
steps done to prevent clock drift
fixed monoramp bug
added bezier behavior


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Gest is a gesture sequencer, a hybrid between a step sequencer and automation curve editor. It will produce audio-rate control curves externally controlled by a clock signal.

The core gest program is written in ANSI C as a literate program. Also included is the lilgest commandline utility that allows Gest to interact with DSP algorithms from sndkit using the LIL scripting language.


Worgle: needed to tangle things to C code.

sndkit: required to build the lilgest utility.

A standard C compiler and Make build system.


Build things by running "make".

#Documentation and Example Code

An overview of Gest with examples using sndkit can be found in guide.org, and viewed online with audio examples.

There is also a test C program called example.c that shows how to interact with Gest in C via the sndkit C API.

For more detailed information on the guts of Gest, there is always the program itself.