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Aims to be a bit-accurate C port of Fasttracker 2.09's XM replayer (SB16/WAV render mode).
This is a direct port of the original asm/Pascal source codes.

The project contains example code in the ft2play folder on how to interface with the API.


  • To compile ft2play (the test program) on macOS/Linux, you need SDL2
  • When compiling, you need to pass the driver to use as a compiler pre-processor definition (f.ex. AUDIODRIVER_WINMM, check "pmplay.h")
  • This is not the same replayer/mixer code used in the FT2 clone (the FT2 clone also uses a port, but it has some audio precision improvements)
  • The accuracy has only been compared against a handful of songs
  • The code may not be 100% thread-safe (or safe in general), and as such I don't really recommend using this replayer in other projects. My primary goal was to create an accurate C port that people can use for reference.

#How to test accuracy

  1. Open FT2.08 or FT2.09 (use a fresh program start for every render) and load an XM/MOD module. Make sure "Stereo" and "Interpolation" are enabled in the config screen
  2. Save as WAV with the following settings: Frequency = 44100, Amplification = 10 (not 4!)
  3. Render the same song to WAV using ft2play (f.ex. "ft2play mysong.xm --render-to-wav")
  4. Use a program capable of verifying the binary integrity between the two output files. If they differ, you found a problem, please create a GitHub issue for it :)