beaming up streams of radiant light
kqpangiizk shimmers
kqpangiizk: its stencil beginnith
release entirely, or not at all
we introduce rai, an empty slab for qipacal, with only its koan engraved into it
a new trio sings towards the light
rework the printing machine. we are all chained together. if one fails, we all fail.
veins and lanes and network planes
Jatash! Bound with candy crystal energy, it emerges.

teevicof daeraezheej tejulyv faishatiw shijel faeseefai

the sad yet initial song of jatash. pulsing begins
the words on jatash
jatash, descendant of pyda, blinks twice.
the pages. it is written.
introduce taogoryxs into the system.
a koan for taogoryxs
pyda emerges from the light