I try to make computers sing.


a sonic toolkit for everyone


a convergence of ideas. read-only fossil export.


A gesture synthesizer, controlled via the Uxn virtual machine.


Realtime and live coding for mnolth.


A little wiki engine, with scripting capabilities. Read-only Fossil export.


A small C library for writing 1-bit graphics.


A small TODO utility written in shell and weewiki.


proof-of-concept sequencer programmed by uxn, designed to control synthesized sounds in sndkit


the candy crystal rainbow codex


small stack-based DSL for procedurally generated 1-bit graphics


A fast and portable tangler for programs written in a limited subset of org, which includes noweb-style expansion for literate programming.


A gesture sequencer.


A library for generative square kufic calligraphy.


curated sample library. fossil export.


A virtual machine designed for composing musical sequences.

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