I try to make computers sing.


a library for generating XM files


experimental nodes for mnolth


a collection of studies exploring the medium of gesture


A lightweight music DSP library.


A small TODO utility written in shell and weewiki.


A collection of circular etudes for looptober 2023


a sonic toolkit for everyone


A gesture synthesizer, controlled via the Uxn virtual machine.


a convergence of ideas. read-only fossil export.


2d SDF shader functions by Inigo Quilez, ported to C


A little wiki engine, with scripting capabilities. Read-only Fossil export.


hacky fork of ft2play: https://github.com/8bitbubsy/ft2play


A small C library for writing 1-bit graphics.


Proof of concept implementation for the Sndkit Intermediate Machine Protocol


small stack-based DSL for procedurally generated 1-bit graphics

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