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#ChangeLog for meta-linux-mainline

This ChangeLog documents high level changes which may affect users of this layer. Entries are grouped by the approximate date at which the changes were merged to the master branch.

Regular updates to the linux-stable and linux-mainline recipes are not included in this document as that would lead to far too much noise. However, changes to the default LTS release series will be documented here.

For a detailed list of all changes consult the git log.


  • Project reboot, simplifying maintenance by only focusing on a single master branch. This branch aims to support all currently maintained Yocto Project releases (dunfell and hardknott today) as well as the upstream master branch.

  • Project home is moved to sourehut: https://sr.ht/~pbarker/meta-linux-mainline/.

  • Update default LTS kernel to 5.10 series.

  • Update supported Raspberry Pi targets to raspberrypi4 and raspberrypi4-64.

  • Add out-of-the-box support for more QEMU targets. We now support qemux86, qemux86-64, qemuarm and qemuarm64.

  • linux-stable recipes now download a tarball of the appropriate mainline release (e.g. v5.12) and a patch file to update to the appropriate stable release (e.g. v5.12.8). This keeps initial download size small but does not waste the bandwidth of downloading a large tarball for every minor update.

  • New scripts/autobuild script to automate testing this layer. This replaces the kas build configurations and pytest test cases previously used.

#dunfell-r1 (2020-05-26)

Initial release for the Yocto Project dunfell branch.

  • Recipes for LTS, stable & mainline kernels from https://kernel.org.

  • BSP include files for qemux86-64 and raspberrypi3.

  • Example build configurations using the kas build tool.

  • Automated build testing using GitLab CI.