Kakoune plugin to work with list of files
rc: update filelist-add command to support multiple arguments
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This plugin adds the following features to kakoune:

  1. a filelist buffer containing a list of files, enabling navigation to them
  2. the ability to write comments in filelist buffer by prepending line with #
  3. a filelist-set command to populate the filelist buffer using the find command
  4. a filelist-next and filelist-previous command to jump forward/backward through the filelist
  5. a filelist-execute-keys command to execute a set of keys on each buffer


  • filelist_cmd: option used to control command used for filelist-set
    • example: fd -t file -- ''%%s'' ''%s''
    • %s is placeholder for directory (first argument to filelist-set)
    • %%s is placeholder for pattern (second argument to filelist-set)
  • filelist_default_pattern: option used to control default pattern given to filelist-set
    • example: . for use with fd


The command filelist-enable-persistence will cause the file to be saved in the current working directory as a .filelist.kak file. If you only wish to enable it for specific projects, see hestia.kak for a plugin enabling safe per-project configuration.

NOTE: enabling persistence will cause the filelist to open when you open kakoune, which personally I like.

#Known Issues

  • filelist-execute-keys is currently recursive, and with kakoune lacking tail call optimization, will terminate before completing long filelists
  • using the cd command will change the working directory of kakoune, but the filelist will not be updated to reflect this change


This plugin is largely inspired by the grep.kak configuration in the kakoune repo.