calloc'ing the options object in order to not rely on uninitialized data for jumps in various places
don't copy the path if it doesn't exist
adding methods for getting the raw (pre-standardized) request path and for overriding input parameters in --before scripts
63200e51 — panda-roux 4 months ago 2.1
removing cruft
a4ed647e — panda-roux 4 months ago
adding benchmarks
95734358 — panda-roux 4 months ago
fixing a potential memory leak
2066c5bc — panda-roux 4 months ago
using a separate buffer for data written by pre-request scripts, to be written before other content (and by itself if mg.interrupt was called)
13664c39 — panda-roux 4 months ago
adding mg.set_mimetype
20b05889 — panda-roux 4 months ago
Appending Lua package paths relevant to whatever script is being executed prior to execution, rather than just once when the script context is created.  This ensures that document-level scripts can find their sibling modules even if there's a pre-request script.
134c089a — panda-roux 4 months ago
making status response 'meta' arguments actually optional, defaulting to generic messages
8a2fa5f0 — panda-roux 4 months ago
passing a copy into dirname because that method unintuitively modifies its argument
89adac77 — panda-roux 4 months ago 2.0.2
fixing build errors caused by missing headers when DISABLE_LOGGING is defined
348aa39f — panda-roux 4 months ago 2.0.1
ignoring SIGPIPE so that weird clients don't cause problems
49f1317f — panda-roux 4 months ago
minor cmake cleanup
fee4c7c3 — panda-roux 4 months ago luajit
adding a testing framework
adding command-line options for middleware to the README
437d0d8d — panda-roux 5 months ago
moving URI path max definition
917d3392 — panda-roux 5 months ago
implementing pre-, post-, and error-script middleware functionality
9b9df045 — panda-roux 5 months ago
removing unneeded line
89faa1b6 — panda-roux 5 months ago