A list of personal userscripts for qutebrowser
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fix: domcycle specific schemes
86e994dd — Pierre-Albéric TROUPLIN 4 months ago
fix: domcycle in python for python-tldextract
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fix: gitclone POSIX sh


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


  • Author: palb91
  • License: MIT
  • Description: A list of personal userscripts for qutebrowser


Copy/link the scripts or directly clone this repository into ${XDG_DATA_HOME}/qutebrowser/userscripts. Then use :spawn -u -- scriptfile in qutebrowser or bind this same command.



config-cycle per root domain, not current subdomain (#5408)

dependency: python-tldextract

# In config.py:
bind('cj', 'spawn -u domcycle content.javascript.enabled')

Note: The script performs automatically a reload -f at the end, it does not work well when it's added at the end of the binding (;; reload -f).


Clone a git repository directly from qutebrowser.

dependency: git

# In config.py:
bind('gc', 'spawn -u -- gitclone')

It is possible to run a command after a successful clone. Drop in your config.py the environment variable QUTE_POST_CLONE:

# In config.py:
import os
os.environ['QUTE_POST_CLONE'] = 'notify-send "cloned!" "${QUTE_URL}"'

Note: I use the post hook to automatically add the project directory to my zsh-z database.


Qutescript that perform a normal download on pages and a file download on pdfjs

Note: #1926

In config.py:
  bind('gd', 'spawn -u jsdownload')


Bash style quick substitution in URL

#In config.py:
bind('^', 'set-cmd-text -s -- :spawn -u -- substiqute')

Then in qutebrowser, type either ^str1^str2 (bash habits!) or ^str1 str2

Note: Fun fact, qutebrowser doesn't allow to use dead keys, and ^ is a dead key on my keyboard (I feel sad), but in case anyone appreciate this shortcut, I let the behavior.