Type a password from password-store in a Wayland environment
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Type a password from password-store in a Wayland environment.

    pass-wl [-h]
    pass-wl [-u|-b|-o] [URL]
    pass-wl -c [-u|-o] [URL]

    -u, --user  Type the username instead of the password.
    -b, --both  Type the username and the password separated by a <Tab>.
    -o, --otp   Type the otp code if exists.
    -c, --copy  Copy instead of type.
    -h, --help  Print this help.

    URL         If any, must be the last parameter. pass-wl will try to
                find only matching values from `pass`.


I mostly use it with qutebrowser. Qutebrowser has a userscript called qute-pass that does the same thing but using the builtin fake-key command that is logged (run $ qutebrowser -l vdebug to check).

I set up qutebrowser as follow (pass-wl should be in your $PATH):

# in config.py
    config.bind('<Alt-p>', 'mode-enter insert ;; spawn -- pass-wl {url}')
    config.bind('<Alt-u>', 'mode-enter insert ;; spawn -- pass-wl -u {url}')
    config.bind('<Alt-l>', 'mode-enter insert ;; spawn -- pass-wl -b {url}')
    config.bind('<Alt-o>', 'mode-enter insert ;; spawn -- pass-wl -o {url}')
    config.bind('<Alt-p>', 'spawn -- pass-wl    {url}', mode='insert')
    config.bind('<Alt-u>', 'spawn -- pass-wl -u {url}', mode='insert')
    config.bind('<Alt-l>', 'spawn -- pass-wl -b {url}', mode='insert')
    config.bind('<Alt-o>', 'spawn -- pass-wl -o {url}', mode='insert')

I don't use pass anymore, but it could be useful for the random people falling randomly in this random repository, so feel free to use or take inspiration from it.