Added pgfplot compatibility configuration to the preamble of the files
Minor tweaks to the README
Added runtime checks for the --xelatex and --pdflatex option

This is necessary so that xelatex and pdflatex can be marked as optional
dependencies in package managers.

There are no checks for lualatex since it is the default TeX engine,
i.e. is is required for the application to function.
Made the install make target configurable

Also removed the install script from the repo and added notes on dependencies to the README
Minor improvements in the script
Minor change in the binary

I'm trying to make the script safer and more efficient
Updated the example
Removed depricated option from make target
Updated the changelog
Updated the version number

Preparing for a new release
Removed runtime checks for dependencies

Now the dependencies are only checked by the install script
Made the TeX engine configurable via command-line flags

Also updated the documentation
Minor correction to the README
Added aditional links to the documentation
Updated the version number in the manpage
Updated the version number in the documentation
Improved the installation scripts
Fixed #1
Replaced uppercase variable names for lowercase variable names
Minor changes to the Makefile