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The tikztosvg(1) command renders TikZ diagrams to SVG, using XeTeX and pdf2svg.


$ tikztosvg [OPTION]... INPUT_PATH

If INPUT_PATH is set to - the input will be read from stdin.


-o, --output=OUTPUT_PATH Write output to file OUTPUT_PATH. If set to - the output will be written to stdout. Defaults to the base name of the input file suffixed with the .svg extension. The file is resolved relative to the working directory.

-p, --package=+PACKAGE Include \usepackage{PACKAGE} when rendering the diagram. The tikz, tikz-cd, pgfplots, amsmath and amssymb packages are always included by default.

-l, --library=+LIBRARY Include \usetikzlibrary{LIBRARY} when rendering the diagram.

-q, --quiet Silence application log messages and script warnings.

-h, --help Print a help message.

-v, --version Print version information.


Let’s say you want to convert the file example.tikz to SVG:

     G \arrow[r, "\varphi"] \arrow[d, "\psi"', two heads] & H \\
  \mathlarger{\sfrac{G}{\ker \varphi}} \arrow[ru, dotted] &

You could achieve this by running:

# xfrac and relsize are only there so that we can 
# call \sfrac and \mathlarger
$ tikztosvg -p xfrac -p relsize example.tikz

The results will be stored in the file example.svg.


The tikztosvg(1) command and it’s man page can be installed in Unix systems by running

$ curl -s https://git.sr.ht/~pablo-pie/tikztosvg/blob/master/install.sh | sudo sh

or it can be installed via Git with

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~pablo-pie/tikztosvg
$ cd tikztosvg
$ sudo make install

The executable is installed in $HOME/.local/bin/ and the man-page is installed in $HOME/.local/share/man/man1/.


tikztosvg was written by Pablo.

pdf2svg was written by David Barton and Matthew Flaschen.


© 2021 Pablo.

Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GPL-3.0 License.