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                                ### WAFFLES ###

Waffles (for now) is a little experiment in creating a fediverse server
application based around the principle of "waffling", in which someone types or
talks continuously for extended periods of time with their topic of waffling
often changing many times. Rather than separating a user's content into
individual "posts" that can be replied to, Waffles instead presents a collection
of streams of waffling (called "waffles"), and a user may subscribe either to a
whole account or just an individual waffle, as each waffle is intended to last
an long amount of time.

Rather than comments being distinct posts appended onto waffles that then
receive replies, a "comment" in Waffles is instead itself a waffle, and rather
than it being appended in a vertical arrangement, participants in a discussion
instead each run their own waffles parallel to each other, and mentions/replies
take the form of cross-references from one waffle to another with the paragraph
specified, allowing a conversational flow to be inferred.