Adding missing std.path import to WUI
Fixed typo in usage for CLI
Added "static-dir" option to WUI

This points to the directory containing the static content (CSS).
Added usage info to readme
Finished WUI

Can now delete posts. Also finished off light theme with some adjusted
Config for API

Now points at a different default path. The example config now contains
every option too.
Now handles 304s after editing
Fixed bug that made PATCH requests fail

Due to use of `make` method rather than `makepart` method that was
failing upon trying to build full history when there wasn't any in the
Web UI is now feature complete

Now has the ability to edit and patch entries.
Wrote most of web UI

The Web UI can now show an index of entries either by ID or time. It can
open an entry to view in detail. It can create new entries and even
perform searches for entries, displaying results in relevance order
based on the heuristic values returned by the API. Remaining features
are deleting and editing entries.

Also wrote a small declarative HTML library to accompany the web UI.
Created example config. Moved styling out to a proper CSS file as well
as adding light and dark theme files - the dark theme of which is the
only properly tested one. The light theme will be tested once the UI
itself is done.
Fixed some small bugs in the CLI
Fixed a variety of small issues

discovered whilst writing the web UI and CLI programs.
Renamed folders for better naming scheme
Started web project

Unfortunately though, code.dlang.org went down when I was doing this, so
I can't actually build or test the project.

If you're reading this commit message, then I forgot to rebase before
Added tag information to entry formatting
Wrote CLI

And removed previous partial attempt in bash that ran painfully slowly.
Fixed API urls and added title searching

Also updated readme with usage information for CLI to be written.
Renamed executable output of dub
Added additional files to gitignore
Wrote API server