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The very first argument to `kb` should be the hostname/IP and port of the API
server. Users should create a shell alias to include this information
automatically. `kb` itself does not have a config file.


The web UI is a SSR website frontend to the API server. It contains no
JavaScript at all. It can be configured to use a light or dark theme. The UI is
fairly self-explanatory.


Each project can be built by running `dub build` in the directories of each
project. Note that an internet connection is required for the build to succeed.

From there, you may simply put the resulting binaries somewhere in your system's
`$PATH`, optionally populate config files, and then just run them. The only
exception being the WUI which also requires copying the 3 CSS files to a
reasonable location (configurable in the WUI's options).

Note that the default data path for the API server is `./data`, which is
relative to the directory you are running the server from. Also, the default
static path for the WUI is `./static`, which is also relative. These should be
properly configured before using the programs.