Swap logging level back to Debug
Finish parsing code
Add Version parsing
Add Debug parsing
Add StaticForeach parsing

Also fixed syntax error in test file (oops) and added Mixins to
Complete StaticIf parsing

Involved fixing a bug in EqualityEx parsing in which it tried to parse
another EqualityEx which would always require an operator. Changed this
to try and parse an EqualityEx, but if it fails then fall back to a
ShiftEx which has an optional operator and can cascade down to primary
Add several new parsing functions

Notably added: TypeMixin, TypeDef, EnumDef, UnitTest, and TemplateDef.
StaticIf added, but doesn't seem to be working properly yet.
Fix handling of EOF and add parsing of AliasDefs
Add parsing for FnDefs
Complete expression parsing
Write considerable disparate parts of the parser

It currently doesn't successfully parse the test file. There are a slew
of issues with the parsing code that leads it to get caught in
underisable situations that need to be debugged and teased out.
Start writing statement parsing code
Write SimpleFnParam parsing
Write additional expression-parsing code
Add statements module to model
Add FnParamDef class and ParamAccess method
Replace more complicated CoreEx rules with Items
Write majority of expression parsing code
Add `list` method that takes a delegate
Fix issues with syntax spec