83016c8b548a636c796ca3648be338e2d5963a0c — Jeremiah Orians 7 months ago d4a8676
Added solution for swaylock regression
2 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M files/guix-config.scm
M personal/x200.scm
M files/guix-config.scm => files/guix-config.scm +1 -1
@@ 94,7 94,7 @@
		      ;;"virtio_pci" "virtio_balloon" "virtio_blk" "virtio_net" "virtio_console" "virtio-rng"
		      "usb-storage" "uas"                        ; for the installation image etc.
		      "nls_iso8859-1"                            ; for `mkfs.fat`, et.al
		      "xxhash_generic"                           ; For btrfs xxhash checksum support
		      "xxhash_generic"                           ; For btrfs xxhash checksum support (not supported on older Linux kernels)
		      "dm-crypt" "xts" "serpent_generic" "wp512" ; for encrypted root partitions
		      "usbhid" "hid-generic" "hid-apple"))       ; keyboards during early boot

M personal/x200.scm => personal/x200.scm +13 -2
@@ 369,8 369,9 @@ root ALL=(ALL) ALL
					(file-append util-linux "/bin/mount")
					(file-append util-linux "/bin/umount")

					;; Swaylock requires to be setuid to work
					(file-append swaylock "/bin/swaylock")))))
					;; Swaylock requires to be setuid to work (looks like that is no longer the case)
					;; (file-append swaylock "/bin/swaylock")

	;; Essential Minimal services

@@ 397,6 398,16 @@ root ALL=(ALL) ALL
							(greetd-terminal-configuration (terminal-vt "1") (terminal-switch #t))
							(greetd-terminal-configuration (terminal-vt "2"))))))

			;; Now we are forced to do this
			;; You'll see: swaylock fails to execute when compiled with PAM support and setuid enabled
			;; Have not figured out a way to remove this yet
			(service screen-locker-service-type
					(name "swaylock")
					(program (file-append swaylock "/bin/swaylock"))
					(using-pam? #t)
					(using-setuid? #f)))

			;; Setup networking
			;; Add loopback device (not compatible with older versions of guix)
			(service static-networking-service-type