An experimental Scheme compiler
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A New Vision. A New Project.


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#Pravda Scheme

Pravda Scheme is an optimizing compiler of the Scheme programming language. Pravda is currently in the planning phase. The first milestone is supporting the most, if not all, of the IEEE 1178-1990 standard. The compiler will be extended to support R5RS, R6RS and R7RS then.


  • Chibi-Scheme
  • Clang or GCC
    • By default, Pravda assumes that cc is an alias of the preferred one.
    • Apple GCC distributed as part of Xcode is untested.


Unless otherwise noted, Pravda Scheme is licensed under GPLv2+ with the Classpath exception.


We thank Jeffrey Mark Siskind for his briliant work on the Stalin compiler after which we named this project.

We thank Abdulaziz Ghuloum and Jeremy G. Siek for their works on incremental approach to compiler construction developed in the compiler course at Indiana University.