my work-in-progress coreboot tree
c69ea328 — Jakub Czapiga 2 months ago
libpayload: Add mock assert support for unit testing purposes
16208307 — Jakub Czapiga 2 months ago
libpayload/tests: remove tests/include/mocks include path
72628fa8 — Evgeny Zinoviev a month ago
mb/lenovo: Enable MEI on Sandy Bridge ThinkPads



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my experiments and adventures on coreboot

See coreboot Gerrit for patches under review.


Don Quijote MUGA Stoic PC3 (Keian KNW14FHD3-SR)
Status: new, started
I just started investigating this board now.
Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad X60/X60s/X60t
Status: existing, stable
I have rebased Denis Carikli's TPM patch to the current codebase and been investigating initialization problems. See CB:13410 and x60-tpm for the latest status.

Device drivers

None at this moment.

Platform-independent mechanisms

None at this moment.

Development tools

None at this moment.


None at this moment.