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@@ 11,6 11,37 @@ The workflow of Veri will be as follows
1. Veri will periodically scrape those URLs to get a list of "tier 2" URLs
1. Veri will periodically scrape the entire list of URLs to obtain page contents and metadata, to be stored in a database

It currently looks a little like this

% cat > start-links
% cat start-links |while read link ; do veri-links $link ; cat links ; done |sort |uniq >all-links
% veri-scrape all-links
% veri-index results/ programmer
2020/12/11 17:30:30 programmer
7 http://fragmentscenario.com/ fragment scenario fragment scenario records and processes fragments of human life and its surroundings
21 https://2d4.dev/tw.txt
64 https://electro.pizza/twtxt.txt
72 https://feed.amorris.ca/hallway.txt
85 https://gueorgui.net/feed.xml Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko
93 https://iko.soy ilyakooo0 если что-то не так, то напишите мне плиз
108 https://longest.voyage Longest Voyage Jamie Crisman's projects and occasionally updated blog
149 https://patrikarvidsson.com Patrik Arvidsson Patrik Arvidsson – Personal wiki engine
155 https://resevoir.net resevoir・index foliage in south England
164 https://roytang.net/index.xml EVERYTHING on roytang.net
178 https://teknari.com Teknari PHOTOGRAPHY
186 https://twitter.com/heyitsols  Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.
204 https://www.johannesg.com The Portfolio of Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson Send me an e-mail, connect with me on Mastodon, or maybe even on Twitter.
211 https://www.mentalnodes.com Index I created this public notebook / digital garden because I believe the only way to learn in public is to build in public.
217 https://www.romainaubert.com/twtxt.txt
224 https://xuv.be xuv.be [xuv = exuvie / exuvia / exuvium] Exoskeletons of Julien Deswaef. Portfolio of projects.
226 https://xvw.github.io/atom.xml xvw - planet
230 https://zvava.org zvava.org

## Why "Veri"?
There are two reasons why the name **veri** was chosen:
* veri is the Latin word for **truth**, **reality**, or **fact**