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# tuspload-me
_Receiving large files over the internet_

This project assembles multiple technologies to ease the transfer of large files over the internet.

The backend is written in Go and uses [tusd](https://github.com/tus/tusd/) for reliable transfers.

The frontend uses [uppy](https://uppy.io/) to be usable in the browser.

## Usage

1. Run the server using `go run main.go`
2. Make a hole in your firewall and add a forwarding rule to your home router for the port 54321
3. Send your IP address to the sender, in the form http://[YOUR-IP]:54321
4. Enjoy your files in the `upload` folder

**Caveat**: the name of the uploaded file is random, however you can find the original name in the accompanying `.info` file.

[Story behind this project](https://log.pfad.fr/2021/receiving-large-file/)