Update .gitignore file
GNU/Emacs: add desktop directory with placeholder file
Add APMD config, bind keys for saving/restoring desktop on GNU/Emacs
Add /etc/doas.conf
GNU/Emacs: run code only if needed
GNU/Emacs: change server starting because of EXWM
GNU/Emacs: remove few packages
Add initialization file for Korn shell
GNU/Emacs: use package exwm in BSD
Add scripts for toggling between dark and light mode
GNU/Emacs: restore accidentally deleted midnight mode hook
Use 'moe-theme' in both dark and light mode

 * Use 'moe-theme'
 * Toggle between light and dark mode according
   to an environment variable.
 * Change midnight colors for the 'pdf-tools'
   according the darkness or lightness of the
GNU/Emacs: use package 'rg', change font size
GNU/Emacs: configure font height
GNU/Emacs: add function and binding for calculating UTF-8 byte length of region
GNU/Emacs: use package 'slime-repl-ansi-color'
Use new submodules in test runner
Update README and change it into Org mode
Use submodules for few dependencies
Tweak GNU/Emacs configuration
Remove package 'buffer-move', add two keybindings

* Remove unnecessary package 'buffer-move' because package
  'ace-window' can move buffers when used with
  a prefix argument.
* Add keybings for inserting Org table rows above and below.