Add configuration file for SBCL
Add git alias for finding out the repository's root directory
GNU/Emacs: reload tags table without asking for confirmation
Update Git configuration
GNU/Emacs: Bind <return> to `lispy-alt-line` in `lispy-mode-map`

 * Unfortunately ']' doesn't move point out from a string
   when editing Lisp code using Lispy. Bind <return> to
   do this (and to insert a newline).
Update submodules for the GNU/Emacs configuration
Update GNU/Emacs configuration
GNU/Emacs: change configuration

  * Do not ask about final newlines.
  * Change whitespace style.
  * Enable one disabled command.
  * Change default font size.
GNU/Emacs: add optional main project for projectile

  * Function `projectile-project-root' is adviced to
    return the main project if it is defined. Otherwise
    the function is run normally.
Update .gitignore file
GNU/Emacs: add desktop directory with placeholder file
Add APMD config, bind keys for saving/restoring desktop on GNU/Emacs
Add /etc/doas.conf
GNU/Emacs: run code only if needed
GNU/Emacs: change server starting because of EXWM
GNU/Emacs: remove few packages
Add initialization file for Korn shell
GNU/Emacs: use package exwm in BSD
Add scripts for toggling between dark and light mode
GNU/Emacs: restore accidentally deleted midnight mode hook