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Add stepper and toggle crates, start to add level

  * Add stepper and toggle crates.
  * Start to add level - fake input for it is not finished.
  * Modify textual representation for player and pulled crates.
Add initial automatic play testing feature

  * 'make test' runs automatic play test. It plays the game
    from start to finish automatically, without any user
    intervention and as fast as possible (without delays)
    and checks that everything looks as it should be.

    This play testing uses the textual ASCII "renderer", so this
    visual representation is tested at the same time and no
    graphical or TUI libraries are needed. Of course any 2D or 3D
    representation is not tested by this test, but as
    the different visual representations should be very
    simple (only show the current situation visually, possibly
    doing linear interpolation for the motion of crates), and all
    the logic and animating is done in inside the game, the game logic,
    animating and playability should be pretty comprehensively tested.
Add block counter, remove lamented slot and escape method
Add initial block timer
Purge lamented crates, add 'on-which-side-i-am'
Break into more files, refactor