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Add stepper and toggle crates, start to add level

  * Add stepper and toggle crates.
  * Start to add level - fake input for it is not finished.
  * Modify textual representation for player and pulled crates.
Add initial 'Pulled' crate, change visual representation, etc.

  * Add Helper script for running from Makefile (because of
    the W^X protection used in OpenBSD).

  * Add platform specific notes for OpenBSD.

  * Add initial 'Pulled' crate.

  * Fix 'slime.sh' helper script for OpenBSD.

  * Change visual representation to allow more than
    one visual for a crate. This is needed for example
    in 'Pulled' crates where the "handles" can be
    drawn with much fewer assets by allowing the
    separation of the base crate from the different
    visuals for the handles. This can be used in other
    places too (for example counters and timers can
    have the time from a separate visual).

  * Update all existing visual representations to use
    lists of identifiers (instead of scalar identifiers).

  * Check for NIL in function 'on-which-side-is-other'
Add 'pushed' crate, refactor
Initial commit