ref: 26be0b8195b59e99cb871aded46d2a2f1c176da2 crates2/src/level.lisp -rw-r--r-- 1.7 KiB
Add autoplay, level and :back input, fix timers in test mode
Add 'Pass Counter' and delayed attach, fix wall collisions
Add block counter, remove lamented slot and escape method
Add initial block timer
Purge lamented crates, add 'on-which-side-i-am'
Fix few things
Continue implementing
Continue implementation

 * Add initial vacuum crate
 * Add 'run' target to Makefile
 * Continue implementing
 * Refactor
Fix Makefile, implement initial movement

 * Fix the sources wildcard in Makefile;
   it was not updated when the source files
   were moved into a subdirectory.

 * Implement initial movement into east,
   west, north and south directions.
Initial commit