cli remote controller for musicbee
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A command line remote controller for MusicBee!

⚠️ Requires the MusicBee web server plugin mb_WWWserver to be installed.


cargo install --git https://github.com/fawni/shy


A command line remote controller for MusicBee

Usage: shy.exe <COMMAND>

  play         Play or pause the current track [aliases: pause, p]
  stop         Stop the current playing track [aliases: s]
  next         Skip to the next track in queue [aliases: skip, n]
  previous     Skip to the previous track in queue [aliases: prev, b]
  add          Add track(s) to queue [aliases: a]
  clear        Clear the current queue [aliases: c]
  now-playing  Display the current playing track [aliases: np]
  queue        Display the current queue [aliases: q, list, ls, l]
  volume       Display or modify the player's volume [aliases: vol, v]
  seek         Set the position of the track
  shuffle      Set shuffle mode
  repeat       Set repeat mode [aliases: loop, r]
  help         Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -h, --help  Print help

Most subcommands have aliases which are the recommended way of usage.

#In the following examples, | represents or.
shy np # print now playing
shy add track.mp3 track.flac path/to/album # adds track.mp3 track.flac and valid audio files in album directory to queue
shy v +10 | 80 | -40 # increase volume by 10 points | set volume to 80 | decrease volume by 40
shy seek 5 | 70% | -20 # seek 5 seconds | set position to 70% | go back 20 seconds


  • [x] Play/Pause
  • [x] Stop
  • [x] Next
  • [x] Previous
  • [x] Add to queue
  • [x] Clear queue
  • [x] Seek
  • [x] Volume
  • [x] Shuffle
  • [x] Repeat
  • [ ] Scrobble
  • [x] Now playing
  • [x] List queue
  • [ ] Album art to file (useless)