slock/arg.h -rw-r--r-- 1.3 KiB
3bb868e4 — FRIGN 5 years ago
Refactor main()

- Add arg.h and fix usage
	Given slock is suid we don't want to have half-measures in place to
	parse the arguments in case the code is changed in the future with
	somebody not paying enough attention.

	Also, fix the usage string output to be more consistent across the
	suckless toolbase and make it reflect the manpage entry.

- Comments
	Use proper block comments and add/change them where necessary
	to help in studying the code.

- Error messages
	Consistently prepend them with "slock:" and fix wording and
	do a proper cleanup before quitting (XCloseDisplay and free
	the locks), making the die() semantics consistent with st's.

- getpwuid() error reporting
	Properly present an error message if getpwuid() fails.

- fork() error reporting
	Properly present an error message if fork() fails. If we cannot
	close the connection within the fork context we abort the
	operation and report an error.

- execvp() error handling
	If execvp fails, we cannot call die() afterwards as this implies
	calling exit(). We must use _exit() to prevent the libc from
	doing now "illegal" cleanup-work.