slock/LICENSE -rw-r--r-- 1.3 KiB
Added myself to license
c28ac1eb — FRIGN 5 years ago
Update license year

It actually was 2014 and not 2015.
aa6a3853 — FRIGN 5 years ago
Don't forget the E-Mail
6adeb128 — FRIGN 5 years ago
Add myself to License

forgot that a while ago
bfafc91d — Markus Teich 5 years ago
prepare 1.3 release
44ce161c — Anselm R Garbe 6 years ago
applied sin's patch and prepared new release
ba3acfc0 — Anselm R Garbe 8 years ago
applied Robert Schneider's Linux suggestions, also bumped version and updated LICENSE file's copyright notice
d6e9e7d9 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
added XRaiseWindow workaround when new clients are launched
1460b14f — Anselm R Garbe 13 years ago
removed useless chars, prepared release
98e2fef6 — Anselm R Garbe 13 years ago 0.8
applied two patches, BSD_AUTH patch and Gottox' DPMS support patch
20e294a6 — Anselm R. Garbe 14 years ago
updating copyright stuff in slock as well
6725bb2a — Anselm R. Garbe 14 years ago 0.4
fixed a potential buffer overflow bug on the stack (thanks to Ghassan Misherg)
763e5287 — arg@suckless.org 15 years ago
initial commit