66e31556 — Anselm R Garbe 6 years ago 1.2
fixed usage string
44ce161c — Anselm R Garbe 6 years ago
applied sin's patch and prepared new release
end{pw,sp}ent() can only be called after get{pw,sp}ent()

Calling them unconditionally can result in memory corruption.
Only check errno if getpwuid() fails

Checking errno otherwise is unspecified.
9db14b10 — FRIGN 7 years ago
Add /etc/passwd support

Fix slock to work with /etc/passwd without /etc/shadow.
while we're at it, remove an occurence of trailing whitespace.
Set errno to 0 before getpwuid() and check it afterwards
ba3acfc0 — Anselm R Garbe 7 years ago
applied Robert Schneider's Linux suggestions, also bumped version and updated LICENSE file's copyright notice
3092d3b3 — anselm@garbe.us 8 years ago
prepared 1.1
d276b9b0 — garbeam@gmail.com 8 years ago
applied andres' multi-slock fix, thanks for spotting this issue
4b4fcca1 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
added Ben's password placeholder entry kludge
c1507cd2 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
applied Eckehard Bern's dualcolor patch to slock
88d96849 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
Added tag 1.0 for changeset 05b949016e85
34f5edb2 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago 1.0
preparing 1.0
0b136284 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
select for SubstructureRedirectMask as well
7a217cb7 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
fixed missing new lines
5d433c7c — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
typo fix
d6e9e7d9 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
added XRaiseWindow workaround when new clients are launched
f013cb26 — garbeam@gmail.com 9 years ago
applied Michaels patch
5a5c5812 — anselm@garbe.us 9 years ago
added dummy error handler to prevent X from terminating slock just in case
ede2935e — Anselm R Garbe 10 years ago
applied Markus' patch to die in case /etc/passwd is unavailable